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Your Home Clinic, Kiko : LASER Height Measurer & Smart Scale

Ready, Set, Grow! Kiko has modernised the way we monitor your family’s health at home.

Kiko is a total growth solution that conveniently measures your child’s body data to track the healthy growth of children at home from infancy to adulthood.


Growth problems such as childhood obesity and stunted growth are still a concern for parents. To prevent such health problems from occurring, parents should regularly check whether their children are growing healthy with clear standards. But in reality, it is difficult to do this at home. So, parents have to depend on other hospitals, clinics and clinical institutions to track these important health concerns.

We have been researching how to solve this problem. Thus, Kiko was born. 


Kiko will help you to easily manage growing children at home whereas before, you could have only received it from a clinical institution. Now, your children can share the joy and excitement of growing up together.


Measuring your child’s height at home has always been a hassle. Children can’t stand still and traditionally you need a wall to mark and measure them.


If you have a Kiko Height Measurer, simply place the device on your child’s head. One push of the button and you’re done! Just 1 second! Easy peasy.


Simple to use! First, place the Kiko Height Measurer on the floor. Measure the height of the ceiling for the initial setting. After that, place the compact Kiko device on the child’s head and press the button. This will automatically subtract the measured values from the initial setting to display the child’s height! Note, one initial setting is sufficient.

Now, you’re ready to measure your child’s height.


Your little doctor, Kiko isn’t a giant intimidating device. It is very compact and can be stored on a shelf, drawer, or anyplace. Measure anywhere in the house. As long as, you have a ceiling!


The Kiko Height Measurer uses a laser to accurately measure the height at the speed of light. The laser is faster than your child’s fidgeting. Also, we are experts in laser measurement technology! We have developed many beloved measurement products using accurate laser measurement technology, and based on this technology and expertise, we invented Kiko!


Kiko is equipped with MAGPIE’s uniquely advanced Magpie Phase Shift Analysis (MPSA) system, which boosts laser measurement performance with an error range of 1.5mm.   

Measure distances faster and more accurately with MPSA technology. When the measurement button is pressed, the laser emits. The device will meticulously analyze and calculate the phase shift between the original phase and the returned phase to the device after reaching the endpoint of the measure.


Kiko has a built-in auto-calibration technology. Therefore, any shaking, wobbling or leaning inclination that may occur while measuring is automatically corrected within a ±5° range to maintain accuracy.


The cute Kiko design is suited for children’s tastes. Triangular shaped but with smooth edges, with a hole in the center to get measurements easily by children as well as parents.

Kiko is a product designed with safety in mind. Kiko  uses a Class 2 laser, which means it is harmless to the human body. In addition, the FDA registration has been completed to ensure the safety of the product. No harmful chemical paints were used in the production process, making it safer!


The basic principle of the body composition scale is to measure the body by sending micro-currents throughout the body with 4 safely designed electrodes. These changing electric currents will be analyzed. Through this principle, the Kiko scale measures not only body weight, but also BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water, protein, visceral fat, metabolism, and bone mass.

The measured data is stored in the app with a detailed explanations for you to check the exact health conditions, and depending on the results, parents can advise necessary activities or nutritional needs to their children.


The position of the electrodes on the Kiko Smart Scale are crucial! This is because data cannot be obtained if the position of electrodes don’t match the foot size. The Kiko Smart Scale is ergonomically designed for children’s feet to obtain accurate data. As opposed, to generic scales that are not catered to children resulting in inaccurate data when used. Of course, even adults can use a Kiko Smart Scale!

The Kiko Smart Scale also has a foot sizing guide on it. No need to take out a tape measure. Just put your child’s feet on the scale!


The Kiko Height Measurer and Smart Scale are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The measured data from both devices are automatically recorded in the Kiko app. This can be used to monitor whether children are growing up healthy.


Next, your child’s data can be compared against data from the World Health Organization (WHO). This comparison gives valuable insight into your child’s current growth and health status. This can be used to monitor whether your children are growing up healthy. This data is displayed into graphs helping you identify any concerns about your child’s growth.

Consecutively measuring your child’s growth using Kiko, you can check your child’s health and growth simultaneously through a monthly report. Each month’s data can advise you with accurate and objective management for your child.

Kiko helps parents manage their children’s overall health. In addition to growth, information such as children’s head circumference, vision, dental care, foot size, and waist circumference can be entered and managed. A GPS is also used to provide information to nearby hospitals and recommended vaccinations for the different age groups.

Not just a growth management device, but a comprehensive health care system for your children. No need to remember it from now on! 

Our health secretary Kiko is a know-it-all!


You don’t have to purchase Kiko individually for all the children in your family! You can register all your children’s profiles in a single Kiko app. Furthermore, the Health Secretary is both child and adult friendly! Take care of yourself and your children’s health easily with Kiko.

Kiko records your child’s appearance when they get measured, at that moment a snapshot is stored. Like a time machine for your children. Watching your child grow over time will be a memory and treasure for the whole family.

Collect and share memories with your child every year! Watch your Kids have a feeling of excitement measuring their own growth. As well as, reminiscing at how they have grown up.

Never miss a moment! Grandparents, aunts, and uncles can join in on the journey.

Share your child’s growth effortlessly with this timeline.


Kiko can also be used in hospitals and clinics. The measured data can be integrated and managed through the Kiko app. It can be linked to EMR software used in hospitals through APIs.

We are confident that Kiko will make your process more efficient.

How about a place where children can exercise like sports centers? In addition to teaching exercises, coaches can measure and analyze children’s health status through Kiko. This data can be used to provide personal guidance according to each child. Monthly reports can be generated to show the results and physical changes through the class to parents.

Get a higher satisfaction rate with Kiko as your business partner.

In kindergartens and schools, the entire class can easily monitor their growth in the classroom without having to visit hospitals every time. In addition, children will be able to experience Kiko and recognize their current status through the body composition analysis. Educating and encouraging them on a healthy lifestyle.


How would our lives change if we had Kiko? Families who own a Kiko can frequently measure if their children are growing up healthy. Prevention is better than cure. Also, you don’t want to have to go to the clinic with your child every time. You can sit back and enjoy a coffee at home instead of being stuck in the waiting room.


With just one purchase, Kiko can continue to monitor children’s growth at home. The cost of using Kiko compared to clinic fees are incomparable! 

You may be surprised how low your insurance fees become.


We developed a popular laser measurement technology and have several products based on it. In March 2017, starting with our first Kickstarter project “The World’s First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer: VH-80”. Altogether, a total of 3 projects were successfully completed with the support of more than 6,600 backers. Once again, we’re excited to showcase the Kiko Project on Kickstarter! This project promises 100% delivery. We believe transparency is power.


During our manufacturing and selling of laser distance meters. We realized people were also using it to measure height. Through this, we discovered the possibility of expanding from the product-oriented market to the service market, and it was an opportunity to start the Kiko project. 

Kiko is not just made for business scalability. We have secured expertise in children’s health care services by establishing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with several hospitals. We developed it with the goal of solving growth and health issues globally. 

We worked hard to create Kiko and the work itself to add value to families, not just a simple device. We worked rigorously through over 20 samples and 5 mock-ups.