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Yogurt Maker With World’s First Automatic Switch Refrige

APP Control/ Intelligent constant temperature/Instant Storage/Aluminum Inner Pot/Home Organic Yogurt/Yogurt Maker

It’s easy to make healthy, delicious Yogurt right at home with the LONGG Yogurt Maker. Just use any milk and yogurt powder to get started. Next, combine your favorite ingredients in LONGG Yogurt Maker, set the digital timer through, and make yogurt. Refrigerate and serve! To top it off!

 Intelligent refrigeration, after the yogurt is finished, it can automatically enter the refrigerated state, which perfectly preserves the taste and nutrition of the yogurt.

In a 28.4°F to 21.2°F degree Celsius environment, to ensure the taste of yogurt. In addition, you can also put vegetables and fruits into LONGG. The refrigeration function of LONGG is the same as that of a mini-refrigerator to keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

The unique Aluminum inner pot and temperature control system create constant and equal heating and cooling transmission, So this electric yogurt maker produces a higher dose of probiotics, which is healthier and more nutritious than commercial yogurt. Digital Automatic Yogurt Maker works on your countertop to transform milk into regular yogurt in just a few hours. You can eat healthy organic yogurt at any time.

Size:9.6*9.1*7.4 inches

Size:9.6*9.1*7.4 inches

The yogurt maker is equivalent to 3 machines, Rice Wine maker, yogurt maker and greek yogurt maker. And you can also make Natto, fruit wine that only need one click to switch the model. You only need to control the fermentation time and the types of probiotics. You can refer to recipes to make all kinds of dishes and try different yogurt textures and finish them off with your favorite strawberry jam, honey, vanilla or nuts!simple operation!

At the same time, LONGG can also be used as a mini-refrigerator, the green indicator is lit, and LONGG can automatically enter the cooling state.

It can also be used to cool other drinks and to ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

LONGG’s own APP can intelligently control the switch, and can remotely control and customize yogurt type, you can see the real-time working status of the equipment and the actual temperature of cooling or heating on the mobile phone, and it is more convenient to start making yogurt on a regular time using the APP.

You can operate LONGG yogurt machine through APP at work and enjoy delicious food when you go home.

Use APP before going to bed, and you can have fresh and healthy yogurt for breakfast in the morning!

Small cup design (1 liter) to meet the daily needs of the family, food-grade material, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.

Meet the needs of the entire family with different flavors according to their liking. Whether it’s homemade strawberry jam, honey, or vanilla flavoring, you’ll be in love with this machine!