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YesWelder Firstess CT2050: Powerful 7-in-1 Welder & Cutter

Break Your Welding Limits: AC/DC TIG, Pulse, Plasma Cutting, Stick, Aluminum Welding, Built-in Compressor — All In One Machine.

We are YesWelder. We’ve been putting industrial-grade technologies into smart, user-friendly welders for the last 15 years. Last year we gave you the MP200 — a 5-in-1 machine that included MIG, DC TIG, Stick Welding and Plasma Cutter in one portable package, so that users no longer needed multiple machines for their welding projects.

We Listened. And Then We Delivered

But that wasn’t enough for us, and it wasn’t enough for more experienced welders. They want to be able to handle more complex materials, trickier angles, and adapt to different environments, which need us to increase the power of each feature while maintaining the portability required for tackling various indoor and outdoor welding projects.

So, we designed the CT2050 after listening carefully to feedback from our previous backers and researching the needs of experienced welders. We combined the upgraded welding and cutting tools into one box — simplifying your workflow and supercharging your results. 

Most welders only do one or two processes well. The CT2050 excels at seven with the newly added features:

  • AC TIG for welding aluminum (1/25‘’ / 1mm – 1’’/25mm)
  • Pulse TIG for the most awkward of welding angles
  • Built-in air compressor for maximum portability
  • Doubled cutting thickness (1’’/25mm)
  • 96-265V wide voltage range for smooth welding
  • 100% duty cycle for continuous welding

 So whether you’re an experienced welder who needs to work outdoors, or a novice working on DIY projects around the house, the CT2050 will help you push the boundaries on your dream projects.

The CT2050 features DC TIG, covering basic welding needs for metals like stainless steel. However, welding aluminum and magnesium can be tricky. These materials are soft and covered in oxide, so using DC TIG tends to cause overheating and even turn it black. 

Which is why we added AC TIG to help you weld even the most sensitive metals with ease.

So the CT2050 can handle whatever you put in front of it – aluminum, magnesium, or even nickel. That opens the door to projects like auto repair and bicycle frame welding, at a price point that doesn’t pinch.

To integrate AC TIG into the CT2050, we added two inverters that create a bi-directional current. The positive cycle breaks up the oxides in the aluminum, and the negative cycle penetrates the metal — both working in perfect harmony for premium welding results. So you can start welding tricky metals without buying a second (or third) welder. 

Not only did we improve AC TIG, but we also completely overhauled the algorithm that powers AC/DC Pulse TIG.

Pulse TIG lets welders try their hands at more difficult projects, like processing extremely thin base metals down to 1/25”. Pulse also provides welders the flexibility needed for welding corners, pipes, and other hard-to-reach spots.

When working in difficult positions or tight spaces, you can easily change the welding angles at the tap of a button in the smart mode – flat, vertical, or overhead, and the CT2050 automatically adjusts the setting to help you improve control and accuracy.

“A tool for cutting through metal is key to any workbench.” We upped the output current of the CT2050 by upgrading the wire coil. That increased the cutting thickness by almost 100%, allowing welders to cut through anything up to 1” thick. 

The CT2050 can also process thicker base materials at a faster rate. That means it can handle larger projects with ease (thick pipe cutting or construction site jobs), while the upgraded cutting speed means jobs are done faster and better.

The CT2050 also has an upgraded non-touch pilot arc, which is great for cutting rough, painted, or rusted surfaces with minimal dross. It allows you to start cutting before the electrode touches the metal surface — resulting in a flat cut surface and prolonging consumables’ life.

Check out this amazing metal sculpture fabricated with a great plasma cutter!

The hardest part about using a plasma cutter is lugging a giant air compressor around. The CT2050 comes with a built-in compressor, making it easy to take on a variety of outdoor projects, and making life for welders on the road that much easier.

The built-in air compressor is compact, enabling you to start cutting with no extra equipment needed. Plus, the CT2050 can also be connected to the external air compressor – perfect for those seeking the highest quality cuts.

The CT2050 uses hot start technology, which makes striking an arc easy, even in damp or other challenging situations. It delivers a peak of current by briefly pumping up the amps, helping you start the arc without sticking, and heating the base metal in the process. 

The CT2050 stick welding function includes a Voltage Reduction Device (VRD), which protects you from electric shocks — even if you are in adverse working environments.

Many welders don’t support the E6010 electrode, not to mention using it well when VRD is on.  We solved this by upgrading the software algorithm — meaning CT2050 welders can use E6010 electrodes as needed.

The CT2050 can run a stunning 100% duty cycle at 45 amps and 220V under room temperature of 77℉ (25℃) in Plasma Cutting mode. That means you can plasma cut for 10 minutes straight without a pause, letting you slice thin or thick metals with ease. And if you can get by with less power, you can push the CT2050 even further.


It doesn’t quit until you do. 

Your voltage may fluctuate, but the CT2050 won’t — thanks to the latest in PFC Power Factor Controller Tech. It makes sure any fluctuations in current during the welding process don’t affect your weld, giving you a smooth current flow until the job is done. 


Besides, the 96V-265V wide voltage range makes the machine convenient to use in various countries, saving electricity while stabilizing welding performance for a consistent output.

In Smart Mode, our smart chip takes the guesswork out of welding by auto-selecting the perfect settings for your project. Just input your metal’s thickness and weld angle, and the smart chip will recommend the ideal voltage and amperage — so you can focus on making spatter-free welds that look good enough to show off. 

For details on the parameters of automatic adjustment, please check the Specification section at the bottom of the page.


Keep your welds hot, but your engines cool. The CT2050 comes with dual high-speed fans that use a seven-leaf design to keep your machine running cool. That means safer welding, and longer service life.

Good things come in compact, easy-to-carry packages. Weighing 44lbs, the CT2050 stays light enough to carry from job to job. It is encased in a steel unibody that helps it handle the rough and tumble welding life in your workshop or garage.

We want you to be ready for work on Day 1. So we’re giving you everything you need to start welding right away, all in one box.