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XFANIC: The Most Ambitious USB4 13in1 Hub w/ 8K MST & 8T SSD

40Gbps uplink guarantees full 10Gbps on every USB3.2 port simultaneously. DisplayLink allows triple displays for MacBook & much more

Your workstation from the future has landed and it is truly remarkable. XFANIC USB4 HUB is the world’s first universal workstation to deploy the most cutting-edge USB4 technology, raising the uplink speed to an astounding 40Gbps. Basically, matching the more costly Thunderbolt 3/4 docking stations, but with wider compatibility and a more competitive price point.

With a total of 13 ports and advanced DisplayLink technology, including 2 HDMI and 1 DP, you’re able to extend three additional screens at up to 8K@60Hz or 4K@120Hz high resolution for phenomenal clarity and smoothness when streaming or editing video, editing photos, or playing games. And it supports 4 different sizes of swappable SSD cards for both reading and writing. Besides, there are basic and pro versions for your specific needs. XFANIC provides a transcendent platform whether it’s for work or entertainment.

Connect all you need, when you need.

XFANIC USB4 hub boasts the fastest uplink speed in the industry and is compatible with all USB-C devices including Thunderbolt 3/4.

Each USB port achieves 10Gbps when working simultaneously, allowing you to handle massive data in a blink.

You want fast? The XFANIC USB4 HUB is the fastest in the industry. Using cutting-edge chips and only one USB-C connection, it comes in at a blazing 40Gb/s, making it 8 times faster than most USB-C dongles on the market that crawl along utilizing USB 3.0 (5Gbps) speed. Get the same uplink speed as a Thunderbolt 3/4 dock at a more competitive price. And even better, this trailblazing USB 4 hub is compatible with all USB-C devices including Thunderbolt 3/4, whereas the Thunderbolt 3/4 dock is only compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4 devices.

Drive three simultaneous displays to promote productivity and seamless multi-tasking.

Explore the 8K vivid, 10Gbps fast multitasking workstation world.


XFANIC USB4 HUB Pro provides the full power and capabilities of a robust workstation to any MacBook user in a sleek and compact design. No dock delivers MST (Multi-Stream Transport) like XFANIC USB4 HUB Pro. Achieve a seamless and fluid experience, whether editing photos, working on CAD drawings, watching movies, or playing games. XFANIC USB4 HUB Pro does it all simultaneously, while delivering 8K resolution, 10Gbps screaming fast speed and still maintaining its low temperature. Get more done, faster, and more efficiently.

Vivid video, speedy sync, upgrade your home theatre experience.

XFANIC USB4 Hub Pro supports 8K display which has more clarity and detail than the 4K.

No frame drop, no lag, no jerkiness. Extremely smooth and seamless than ever before!

Different refresh rates bring different game experiences.

Refresh rate refers to the frequency that a display updates the onscreen image. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more enhanced games look when onscreen action becomes frenetic. Video footage of fast-paced action, such as sports appears seamless, and any jerkiness scrolling a long web page is reduced. XFANIC USB4 HUB Pro supports up to 8K@60Hz or 4K@120Hz, upgrading your game experience crazier than ever before!

XFANIC USB4 Hub Pro offers the most robust visual solution for extended high definition displays through 8K+Dual 4K outputs. Enjoy vivid, true-to-life images and videos or music from the comfort of your home. Also, you will never encounter a momentary freeze while gaming and therefore lose your competitive edge due to lagging.

Remove the magnetic cover and swap the SSD with 4 different sizes effortlessly.

XFANIC USB4 HUB Pro is compatible with M.2 SATA SSD and NVME SSD, upgrading up to 8TB of memory. And even better – just uncover the enclosure, and you can replace the SSD with three different sizes. XFANIC is simple to set up and maintain, and you can enjoy the lightning transfer speed without your computer being burnt out due to high temperature.

Supreme integrated hub packs 13 ports into one.

With the 100W PD port, charge your device back to full power in no time.

Connect to the internet instantly and enjoy stable connection speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps.

Accomplish more in less time with the XFANIC USB4 HUB. With 13 ports, the XFANIC USB4 Hub Pro supports single 8K, dual 4K MST, 10 Gbps data transfer speed and 3 USB ports. Plus you’ll be able to charge your MacBook at warp speed with 100W PD, while keeping all of your other devices connected.

Compatible with most popular desktop, tablet, notebook and laptop.

Works for most TV screens, USB peripherals, XFANIC USB4 Hub is a blank canvas ready to be populated with the devices you need.


Works for almost any operating system.

XFANIC USB 4 Hub is compatible with most popular desktop, tablet, laptop, notebook, and phones. It provides a seamless experience whether you’re operating Windows, macOS, Chrome OS​, iPad OS, and runs with displays, USB drives and other peripherals flawlessly. And it’s also backward compatible with previous USB versions. No matter what platform or device you’re utilizing, the XFANIC USB 4 Hub allows you to get more done in less time.

Embedded fan dissipates the heat generated and keeps your devices safe at all times.

Temperature test on Macbook & XFINIC USB4 Hub shows low temperature rise.

The XFANIC USB4 HUB allows you to run all your ports simultaneously without the fear of overheating. With its robust built-in turbo-fan, air outlet on both sides of the product and internal airflow diversion heat dissipation design, the XFANIC insulates your device from the little heat it does generate, allowing it to operate properly at a lower temperature.

The small footprint saves space, and the sleek design matches your laptop.

XFANIC USB4 HUB delivers a sleek, industrial design, while still being highly functional. Its minimalist construction is configured to include 13 ports that cover all your connectivity needs, while eliminating the hassle of dangling dongles and twining cables. XFANIC’s vertical design also improves heat dissipation as well as saving space, keeping your workspace organized and spacious.

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