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WEEDO ME40 Single-Extruder Large-Format 3D Printer

A simplified user experience combined with industrial design, large format printing, and the ability to withstand high temperatures

ME40 is equipped with a high-temperature heartbreak made up of a Titanium and Copper Bi-metallic and a high-temperature nozzle made up of die steels that can withstand printing temperatures of up to 300ºC. 

Compatible with high and low-temperature filament, printing smoothly without clogging.It is also designed to allow you to feed filaments during the printing process. This way, you’ll enjoy an improved printing experience and much better results without almost never seeing the nozzle clogging.

Weedo ME40 compatible with 12+ materials filaments, such as PLA, ABS, PVA, Wood, TPU, PETG, and PA, providing more possibilities for creation.

WEEDO ME40’s TMC2208 open-source Motherboard offers two equally important features: fast movement in both X and Y directions, delivering a superb printing performance, while also working silently to create amazing results. After all, whoever said that speed had to be noisy?

The maximum printing speed is 180mm/s. The average speed is 80mm/s, 167% faster than the industry standard. Faster speed enables you to enjoy more joy of 3d printing.

WEEDO ME40 supports large print volume projects—something that every 3D printing enthusiast will love! Whether you want a large print size to print as a hobby or require it for industrial purposes, WEEDO ME40 can satisfy you.

Never compromise on stable quality. WEEDO ME40 frees yourself from sanding with smoothness in every 0.1 mm thick layer.

Improving the accuracy of your printer with 9 points auto-levelling. Advanced algorithms calculate a virtual height map to get the print started right. This makes the large-format printing easier and creates an impressive result every time.

Make the most common tasks easy with a smart, colourful LCD touchscreen. Our ME40 has model preview features. The print interface displays a picture preview and details for each model, making it easy to identify your file before pressing ‘print’.

Using open-source firmware based on the Marlin firmware system, this printer allows you to change the G-code of ME40 and retrofit it, expressing your creativity and expanding the possibilities of 3d printing.

No matter how big or small, removing a print is so easy with just a slight bend of the PEI soft magnetic plate. And with the heated bed’s magnetic design, you can easily remove and put the print bed back.