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Wallganize: Magnetic Wall Art Vertical Storage System

A state-of-the-art home-office accessories brand that transforms any vertical space into an ultramodern, wall organizing system.

Wallganize transforms any vertical space into an ultramodern, wall organizing system to create a personalized elegant masterpiece.

Many homebodies probably don’t even realize how much untapped vertical space they’ve got at home and in their office. Think about those empty corners, the space above the stove or toilet, the exterior walls behind flower beds, even the half-an-inch behind your furniture — all of that space can be used to add more storage, style, or sophistication to your home! It’s time to take on those unused walls and corners, with Wallganize.

Back then, one of the missions of Kenneth, Wallganize Founder, was to tidy up his sister’s room. (their mother never stopped making a fuss about the mess). Now, he and his mini-team are putting together this Kickstarter campaign to create a product capable of breaking the wall of stereotype, feature-packed and will make coming back to your home-sweet-home feel even sweeter.


  • Coulf MagStopper can also be used to increase weight handling capacity of storage boxes by 1.6x!
  • Apply a self-adhesive glue to the back of the MagPad and stick any remote control to it. Tada! You can now hang your remote control to any magnetic plates.

Design the magnetic ambience of your dreams whilst transforming any surface into an organizational tool.

The best-designed homes have one thing in common—they all make use of their vertical real estate.

With MagCessories that allow you to move things where they’re needed most, customized platforms that can be swapped out, and plenty of different interchangeable options depending on what’s needed, meet productivity head-on with this sleek system.