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WAHU – The Tech Shoes That Bring Comfort To A New Level

All-day comfort with WAHU shoes. Customize the soles to you. Integrated robotics & AI in shoes for cushioning adaptability.


WAHU shoes utilize the patented w-lift™ technology to let you customize the cushioning level to your body through the connected App, ranging from 0 to 2.5bar of added cushioning.

Through airflows and their pressure, WAHU’s w-lift™ technology lets you modify the morphology of the soles while creating a layer of air between your feet and the ground.

Through the connected App, you can heavily adapt the soles to your daily need and body:

  • Improve comfort and support  
  • Increase the shock absorption power of soles
  • Improve agility in movement

Our first model of sneakers comes in 2 upper and cleats color options with a unisex style and fitting. At the end of the campaign, through an online survey, you’ll have the option to choose among the available color options and sizes.

Check down below for stretch goals and additional colors!

Easily switch between different levels of cushioning without the need to wear different shoes throughout the day. These are the sneakers that adapt to your needs delivering a “one shoe fits all conditions” type of feeling.

Designed for standing and walking for long hours, WAHU shoes provide the most comfortable and highly customizable support for your feet. Because we know – no foot is the same, and no foot stays the same.

WAHU App gives you full tracking of your daily activity. Enjoy the different cushioning set-ups, check your stats, and share your achievements.

WAHU shoes combine a plethora of sensors and machine learning algorithms to improve your comfort and feeling throughout the day while learning more about your walking. 

Through the connected WAHU App, the shoes will give you suggestions on how to improve your walking and daily activity, and they will automatically adjust the required support to your body and feet.

We know that wearing the wrong shoes could have a negative impact on your mood, your day-to-day activities, and overall physical health.

WAHU’s w-lift™ technology gives you the relief you wish for any time you need thanks to the mix of the cushioning level and arch support during the day. Aim for a zero-fatigue walking experience by letting the shoes improve the support.

Our shoes are proudly designed and made in Italy with lightweight materials of the highest quality.

The upper is made of highly breathable and soft materials to keep your feet fresh on warmer days and comfortably isolated in the winter weather.