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VIOZON: The Most Powerful 5-in-1 Selfie Desktop Live Stand

All-in-one Stand | Adjustable Height & Angle | Atmosphere Light | Output Power | Quality Materials& Reliable Stability |Fast Setup

Are you considering live streaming for business or entertainment needs? Having a quality live streaming equipment setup is essential.

VIOZON LT-2ZB 5-in-1 selfie desktop live stand, integrating a Monitor Holder, Ring Light, Phone Holder, Camera Holder, and Microphone Stand, customizes for perfect live streaming environments.


Note: The laptop tray is not included in the package, but it is available as an add-on, and you can see more details in the add-on section

 1. Customized for live streaming 

 Endlessly Compatible

The LT-2ZB is applicable to mostly Phone, Camera/Webcam.  It’s much more compatible compared with most of the conventional live stands. LT-2ZB design also features a holder for your digital camera, switch devices as you need. What’s more, the LT-2ZB is compatible with Monitor & Microphone.  It’s your best companion and meets your live streaming needs.

2. Vastly Multifunctional

  • Office

You can quickly, easily and effortlessly convert your desk into a productive studio.  First choice for online meeting, live streaming, gaming and all other scenarios.


  • Live Streaming

Meet your various live broadcast needs for YouTube, TikTok anytime, anywhere.


  • Gaming 

Want to live stream now? The five-in-one multi-function live broadcast stand gives you a new live broadcast experience. Equipped with high-performance ring lights, microphone stands, and various equipment stands to meet your basic live broadcast needs. No need to buy all kinds of equipment to clutter your desk.


  • Overhead Shooting


VIOZON helps you achieve a high angle shot directly above the subject. It perfectly fits the need of bloggers such as painting and handicrafts.


3. Adjustable Height & Angle

Height and angle are adjustable. Feel free to bring the microphone and monitor closer as you need. The mobile phone clip can rotate 360 degrees and swing back and forth.


4. More professional lighting

  •  Atmosphere Light 

High-end atmosphere lighting. Gives you a unique lighting experience at night.


  • 3 Light Modes & 5-Level Brightness

The best ring light is an essential kit for vloggers, influencers, zoom meetings or even just for well-lit selfies. A larger ring light is better for your video production, the LT-2ZB comes with a 12 inch ring light. As you can see on the images of, each mode changes the color temperature ( starting from 2800 up to 5500K) and gives you the light you need for every occasion.


  • Much more powerful

12V/2A Input, 1700 LUX, 24W/ DC Power Supply. More powerful lighting is particularly useful while doing a photo shooting/filming or live broadcasting.


  • Free Adjustment

The Ring lights can swing +90/-90 degrees. When using overhead mode, you don’t need an extra light to illuminate the table.


5. USB-C/USB-A Output Power 

The ring light comes with USB-C/USB-A Output Power, support 5V/2A USB and 5V/2A USB-C charging ports, which can be used to charge mobile phones during live broadcast.


 6. Magnetic Bluetooth Remote Control 

VIOZON comes with a Magnetic Bluetooth Remote Control, including the function of switch on/off, adjust brightness, connect Bluetooth/take photo, and select a preferred lighting mode. The stylish magnetic function makes the storage of the remote control more convenient. You don’t need to charge the remote control, it will charge automatically when it’s magnetically attached to the light base. In addition, it also works with Android and ios devices. By connecting with Bluetooth, allow you to take a photo or record a video within a distance of 8 meters.


7. Organized & Clean Your Desk

LT-2ZB is more than just a live broadcast stand. If you’re a tech-savvy doer, or a programmer, or a tidy person, you don’t want your work area to be cluttered. It would be nice to have them all in one unit. Versatile and space-saving.


8. High Compatibility

 More Details About LT-2ZB

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We are proud to see that our products are well received by everyone, which is our motivation and belief to continue to design and develop new products. We strictly control each manufacturing process to ensure its premium and consistently deliver high performance.

What’s more, we offer a 1-year warranty since the day you received the stand and replacement if there is any quality related issues within the period.