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VinylSonic- Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Auto Cleaner & Turntable

VinylSonic- Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Auto Cleaner & Turntable

Why do vinyl records need to be cleaned?

If you’re hearing a lot of pops, clicks, and skips from your vinyl records, it’s probably time to clean your collection.

Vinyl records are well known for their ability to accurately reproduce sound. Less well known, is their hidden skill as dirt magnets. Vinyl records attract grease, grime, dust, powder, skin cells, and who knows what else. There are two main causes of this: handling records with bare hands and the static electricity that naturally occurs on the surface of records. As such, every responsible vinyl lover will at some point need to confront the question: how do I clean my records?

Why choose VinylSonic?

Whether you’re new to vinyl or have been collecting records for years, VinylSonic is a must-have vinyl record cleaner to prolong the life of your collection.

To keep your records sounding great and maintain the condition of your stylus, keeping them clean is essential. Now, with VinylSonic, cleaning your records can be as effortless and enjoyable as listening to them. Simply add distilled water and insert your record and click a button – the rest is automated. VinylSonic automatically deep cleans and dries the record from top to bottom with a complete ultrasonic cleaning system built-in.

With VinylSonic, no cleaning agent is required. Instead, it cleans with 40kHz ultrasonic waves and pure distilled water. The system safely removes dirt and dust from the record while eliminating mold that accumulates in the grooves. This technique also reduces the buildup of static electricity for better sound quality. Resurrect all your favorite albums with VinylSonic and enjoy them like the first time with perfect detail and depth of sound.

No matter how careful you are with your record collection, dirt will accumulate over time. With VinylSonic, any noise due to debris, dirt, and oil is simply gone. It completely eliminates the possibility of damage to the surface of the record that is caused by repeated use of cleaning agents, giving your vinyl records a fresh look and making them sound like they were purchased yesterday.  VinylSonic keeps your collection clean and delivers premium audio quality that lets you enjoy every sonic detail of your favorite vinyl records.


VinylSonic is incredibly effective, easy to set up and use. With multiple cleaning and drying modes available, the process can be optimized for a simple cleaning for routine maintenance or deep cleaning of an old record you just added to your collection. Even the toughest grime and dust are easily removed.

VinylSonic has 6 cleaning & drying modes available. You can select the perfect mode based on the condition of your vinyl for a quick clean or an enhanced restoration.


The ultrasonic module has a built-in cooling fan that can be used for 3-5 hours continuously and features an auto-drain function and recycling system made up of built-in mesh, and cotton filters to eliminate dissolved dirt collected in the ultrasonic cleaning process so that the distilled water can be reused, saving time and money.

Equipped with a detachable, easy-to-clean water tank and compatible with 7″, 10″, and 12” records, VinylSonic cleans every record in your collection.

RCA Outputs for connection to amps or speakers, a USB Interface for computer connection, and Bluetooth wireless for connection to phones and mobile devices – modern or retro, you’ll experience that classic Marley sound no matter how you connect.


VinylSonic is more than just an effective record cleaner, it also provides a high-quality turntable with powerful features. Playing records is effortless, the turntable will automatically start spinning when the tonearm is lowered and stop when the tonearm is lifted. It plays common 33 ⅓, 45, and 78 RPM records and has a built-in internal speaker to blast tunes so that you can enjoy music without an external amplifier.