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Vindop Nixie Clock Speaker: A Unique Blend of Vintage & New

The True Modern-day Deco Speaker! With Vindop, Listen to Your Favorite Tunes While Feeling the Calming Warmth of Its Soothing Rays.

Nixie Clocks were first invented in the 1950s and instantly became popular due to their uniqueness. However, after being overshadowed by newer technologies such as LEDs, these lights soon went out of style. However, this nostalgic item is being collected by people who love how it gives off that warm orange hue reminiscent of candlelight or a firefly’s light.


And music is delivered to humans with a vibe of elegance, letting them take time off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With a design that combines modernity with this 1950s technology, Vindop brings an opportunity for people to appreciate what they have without having too much pressure or stress put on them. While listening to music and gazing at the artistry of Nixie’s design, we can find solace in this changing world.

Cherry Wood– among the most popular types of wood, Vindop is crafted out of cherry wood and will provide an elegant taste to any owner. Versatile but still stunning, this wood has been harvested from the cherry tree and has earned a reputation for its beautiful appearance as well as sturdiness. If you want something refreshing or warm, then all you need to do is pick up some Vindop Cherry Wood today!

Vice versa, if you prefer the modern contemporary design, catch a glimpse of Vindop’s Contemporary Silver – the dazzling combination of classic Nixie tubes will set your soul on fire!

For aesthetic simplicity – Vindop is the timeless and classy speaker with the vintage-themed Nixie IN-12 Tubes. With its elegantly carved cherry wood or a modern silver design, it will surely be perfect to add some unique charm to your living space or office!

Nixie tubes never seem to lose their charm. They captivate builders with their beauty and warmth today, as they did centuries ago. Its popularity amongst hackers and makers alike seems to extend beyond time itself; glowing numbers enchanting them all the way through until they reach the other side of eternity.

With Vindop’s IN12 Nixie Tubes, you can light up the space around you and make it a brighter place to live. Wherever you are – at home, work, café, or salon- we’ve got something for you!

Vindop is reminiscent of times gone by. Not only do they look retro, but they play retro – supporting AM/FM radio and providing a variety of tuning levels to create sweeter music. The body of the rotary knob controls all features, bringing listeners back to simpler days.

Vindop speakers deliver exactly what they promise. With a warm midrange and highs that don’t overwhelm, Vindop creates an immersive experience for music listeners without sacrificing clarity. Whether connecting via Bluetooth or using auxiliary cables – you can enjoy the vibe with your favorite songs anytime you want!

Connect Vindop to your PC with a 3.5mm AUX cable and experience beautiful music right away!

To make it easier to use Vindop anywhere and anytime, we built a 5600mAh battery into the device that can be powered or charged by a USB cable. Our advanced power management systems allow you to use your Vindop speaker for 8-hour without ever having to worry about running out of juice!