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Viking Forge Camping Axe

The compact and lightweight yet powerful hand axe designed for your outdoor adventures

When you’re camping or simply venturing into the wild, it’s you and the natural world. You’re on your own faced with the natural elements, and you love it. There’s nothing like it and you enjoy every bit of the experience—but you also know you need a solid partner to keep you safe, warm, protected, and clearing the way through the woods.

 We’re proudly introducing Viking Forge, the robust, easy-to-carry, beautiful, and powerful hand axe that will be there with you for all your camping and outdoor experiences. Strong as a Viking, this axe will be loyal only to you!

A camping knife won’t cover everything you need when you’re in the wild. A large axe is too heavy and cumbersome to carry and use. So we wanted to create a hand axe that adds convenience to the camping experience—keeping it lightly but delivering a powerful chopping blow when you need it.

Viking Forge takes little space, weighs little over half a kilo, and you can carry it hanging on your belt or backpack almost without feeling it. Still, when you need it to chop wood for fire or anything else, it chops like any large and strong axe—but without their size and weight. 

Viking Forge had to be strong as a Viking, so we used Damascus 1084/15n20 for its head—this way, we made sure it’s made from a very solid metal that is the best fit for an axe. As tough as it gets, but easy to keep it sharp.


The handle is made from striking rosewood, matching the robust nature of this wood with a unique tone and classic feel. We added leather weaving to the handle to make sure you’ll have a better grip of Viking Forge when using it—helping you to chop in a safer and stronger way.

There’s also a leather lace attached to this axe, allowing you to easily hang it somewhere.


Leverage a potent and sharp Damascus blade with a cutting edge of 11.50cm, shoring a head with a length of 14cm. The handle measures only 33cm, so this axe is incredibly easy to handle—but make no mistake: its compact as you need it and it delivers the kind of precise and energetic blow you require when chopping wood!

That’s the point. A hand axe for your camping and outdoor adventures should be both stunning and stylish as much as potent and reliable.


 Viking Forge and its sleek leather sheath will look great on your belt or backpack—and, whenever you need it to chop some wood or clear the way in a forest, you can move forward with confidence.

 Having an amazing camping axe such as this one will make you feel whole and prepared for anything when it’s just you and the wild.


We are camping enthusiasts from Ukraine who believe in the importance of enjoying the off-grid world with a formidable sidekick such as Viking Forge. We’re into technology, ‘Lord of the Rings’, and enjoying the outdoors with a tool that matches superb craftsmanship and utility with an amazingly themed design.