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Vesta Silk-filled Thermoregulating Duvet 2.0

A duvet that taps the power of silk to deliver temperature-regulated sleep all night long and all season.

Our Vesta Duvet 2.0 comes in a brand-new look and is made with higher quality silk and a softer shell for better thermoregulation and breathability.

Due to silk’s special porous structure, where 38% of the volume is hollow, silk efficiently distributes heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

The silk-filled duvets performed differently than their down or synthetic counterparts, showing 60% less variance in temperature change.

Silk naturally keeps you dry, absorbing sweat 1.5x better than cotton. This faster moisture-wick makes for a dry and comfortable environment all night long.

The versatile duvet that you can use all year – Our silk-filled duvet keeps the temperature inside the duvet constant at about 68-74°F (19-24°C) all year round

Simultaneously quiet and body contouring – Silk is a natural fiber that moves with you, it has the lowest rate of friction against human skin, at just 7.4%.

Down and cotton fillers do not help, in fact they do little to account for the natural hot-cold cycles of sleep. For a perfectly, temperature-controlled sleep, it’s all about silk.  

From 300 thread count organic cotton shell to 7 reinforced loops, nearly everything in the Vesta Duvet has been redesigned and improved.

Our silky-soft SuperBamboo duvet cover is the perfect pairing with our duvet, it balances softness and comfort with temperature control for a good night’s sleep.

  •  Temperature control: 3x the breathability and 2.5x thermal conductivity of cotton.
  •  Softest feeling fabric: Comparable to cotton 1,200 thread count. Premium weave for maximum softness.
  •  Happy skin: Pure, hypoallergenic, synthetic-free fabric is perfect for sensitive skin. 


Combining premium silk and eucalyptus fibers, our Silk Cooling Blanket 2.0 keeps you cool throughout the hot summer night.


Our blanket is light and cool, perfect for the summer heat. Our duvet has a heavier fill, suitable to be used through all seasons. The two can then be layered up and secured together by the duvet cover to make a thicker duvet that is ideal for getting toasty on winter nights.

 Our SuperBamboo™ sleep mask is completely noiseless, pressure-optimized and superbly thermoregulating.


You will receive the duvet packaged in our iconic cocoon basket, now updated in style and flexibility. Reuse the durable, beautiful packaging as a laundry or storage basket.