Van der Waals – speaker with 9 inch ferromagnetic visualizer

Speaker that allows you not only to hear, but also to see music

It’s high time we have enjoyed music with more than just our ears. With Van der Waals, you can get the ultimate audio-visual listening experience — upping the ante and delivering a new dimension to your music experience.

The name of the speaker is a tribute to the memory of the Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate Johannes Diderik van der Waals. He derived an equation of state that proved that the aggregation states of gas and liquid are based on the same level. 

Most of Van der Waals’s works belongs to the field of theoretical molecular physics. He investigated the behavior of molecules and discovered the forces of interaction between them.

Developed by NASA, this magnetic liquid was used in rocket ships to control fuel in Zero Gravity.

Now, we’ve utilized it in our speakers to provide music afficionados with stunning graphics to accompany their favorite albums and songs.

As for the power supply, this is made possible through a modern USB Type connector, and the final, crisp sound you experience is achieved through the integration of various electronic components and by sourcing speakers from the finest manufacturers on the planet. But exceptional speakers alone aren’t enough — they must be placed in the prime positions to unlock immersive surround sound. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

All Van der Waals receivers are sourced from Qualcomm, leaders in wireless technology, innovation, and high-quality sound reception. Our DSPs and amplifiers are sourced from Texas Instruments — semiconductor manufacturing company — responsible for delivering the pure, outstanding sound that our speakers emit.

With fluid control algorithms, our users can immerse in a breath-taking visual spectacle which can adapt no matter your taste in music. This visualization adjusts according to the overarching frequencies and music volume, and the liquid itself can be seen from near and far.  

Double the visual and audio effect by purchasing two Van der Waals speakers.