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UTC Pro: The Full-function True Portable Electric Toothbrush

Portable, Full-function and Pro, the Capsule-shape electric toothbrush, go everywhere with you like your smartphone.

There are no complex accessories or cumbersome travel cases. UTC Pro is also its own carry case—and an extremely lightweight and compact one. Take it in your pocket, purse, backpack, or bag—take it anywhere, use it anytime.

UTC Pro is equipped with a one-of-a-kind protective cover with multiple innovative functionalities:  

The Lid-Handle Design is portable and functional, you can simply snap onto the top of the toothbrush used as a protective cover, or snap onto the bottom of the toothbrush used as the handle.

Most electric sonic toothbrushes are cumbersome to store. They require too many boxes and often have too many loose accessories. 

Ours doesn’t. Instead, UTC Pro’s cover is designed in a way that resembles a lipstick that you could easily store and take it anywhere.

There are no external accessories or bulky storage cases required—it looks like a capsule that divides into two parts: just open the protective case, and it’s ready to use. Close it, and it’s neatly stored and ready to be carried anywhere. 

UTC Pro has an all-in-one button that allows you to fully control every function of your new electric sonic toothbrush. Switch between brushing modes by swiping through the LED circular progress in the button. That allows to you choose the mode you want to use and check the relevant aspects of the way it is performing.

UTC Pro has also been designed to eye your safety. Its convenient Touch-Lock safety means that brushing instantly stops and the motor is paused whenever you simply close the lid. 

UTC Pro brush head uses anchor-free tufts technology that essentially removes any metal away from the actual brush—which prevents metal rust stains from being formed and bacteria from growing.

Another aspect that we paid a lot of attention to when designing UTC Pro is the bristle design. We shaped the bristles according to a 3D multi-dimensional cut to adapt them to the shape of your teeth so that the gums are placed under no pressure.

The bristles feature a naturally curved surface, adjusting horizontally and vertically to the shape of your teeth and organically penetrating deep into the crevices of the teeth. Basically, the contact area for cleaning is wider and more effective, but with zero abrasion affecting the gums.

 UTC Pro also features a built-in UVC-LED sterilizer that uses a UV-UV LED lamp producing a 275nm UV light that automatically sterilizes the toothbrush bristles for 60 seconds when the protective cover is closed.

That’s right, you’ll keep your electric sonic toothbrush free from bacteria in the most convenient and automatized way. In other words, after you brush your teeth, UTC Pro’s UVC-LED sterilizer will kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, keeping your electric sonic brush truly clean—and you don’t need to do anything or even think about it.

UTC Pro is also engineered to leverage a constant voltage that ensures there’s a consistent vibration frequency of  Magnetic Levitation Motor. Basically, even if your UTC Pro is low on battery, the brushing consistency and power remain the same—based on the brushing mode you choose.

The professional-grade magnetic levitation zero friction motor of UTC Pro would make you think that this device would deliver a noisy operation, but in fact, it is ultra-quiet: its sound when you brush your teeth won’t go beyond 40dB, reaching a maximum of 45dB when you’re brushing at maximum speed.

The power of the speed is also key to bristle performance. Leverage a 10°/ 5.5MM bristle oscillation level, at a high speed that can go up to 48,000RPM, expressed through a high output of up to of torque.

UTC Pro is equipped with a powerful built-in Lithium-lon battery that allows you efficiently and comfortably brush your teeth for up to 25 days of use per full charge.

Open the multifunctional lid whenever you want and you’ll instantly know where the battery stands and if you need to recharge it soon. 

And when you’re charging your UTC Pro,  you don’t need to worry about it falling off—the suction cup at the bottom of the brush’s body is designed to keep it from tipping over when charging.

Don’t be brushing your teeth while fearing that your UTC Pro may get wet and damaged. UTC Pro has an IPX7 Waterproof Level, being capable of resisting a water immersion up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. In a nutshell, this is the extra peace of mind you’re looking for.