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TRON : Modern Retro Watch with Vintage filament tubes

The intersection between Art, Design, Technology and Vintage

TRON is our new Retro futuristic Watch with Vacuum tubes, the IV-9 Numitron.

Combined with a modern design and high Tech component, the time  is keeped with a high accuracy Real Time Clock which is made in Switzerland.TRON consume only 1.2μA in standby mode,water resistant, Tilt function, RGB Backlight,  Fully configurable by user and much more !


Introduced  in the early 1970s, Numitrons, together with nixie and (VFD), belong into the group of interesting historical numeric displays. In nixie tubes, the digit is a glowing cold cathode in neon bulb. In the VFD, it is the phosphor being bombarded by electrons from heated cathode in a vacuum chamber. Numitron is different – it works on the principle of conventional light bulbs. It’s actually 7-segment display with segments formed by low-power incandescent tungsten filaments.

Numitrons also do not suffer from some of the shortcomings of Nixie tubes. For example:

  •  They are low-voltage devices worked off of +3.5 to +5 volts, unlike Nixie Tubes. 
  •  They do not suffer from failure states such as the “sputtering” where electrode metal collects on the inside of the glass tube dimming or obscuring the display 
  •  They don’t encounter Cathode Poisoning that requires a potentially distracting anti-cathode poisoning software routine. 
  •  In many cases, Numitrons will outlast nixie tubes as they are typically rated for over 10,000 hours  of continious TRON , they last for many many years because they are the most of time off, they are on only when you read time or date.  



modern combined with vintage

 metallic aluminum case combined with sapphire crystal make the watch scratches resistant and lightweight to wear.


 Retro futuristic Display that come from 1970s

 Unique Geometric Watch case

 Confortable to wear and easy to charge


display time: hour, minute and second

click the first button and the time will be displayed, hours, minute then second, when the hours is displayed the left decimal point is on, when minute are displayed the right decimal point is on.

the first button is used to display more information too and navigate in the temporary display mode between hours,minutes,seconds,tempirature C°, battery percentage and battery voltage.



Display Hours, Minute, Second


 display date : day, month and year 

click the second button and the date will be displayed: day, month then year

when day is displayed the left decimal point is on, when month is displayed the right decimal point is on.whenyear is displayed both decimal points are on.



Display Day, Month, Year


 Tilt function : 

TRONhas a built in 3Daccelerometer , the function to display the time by raising your wrist.

there is no need to constantly press the button


Tilt Function

Water resistant :

TRONis dust and water resistant.

No need to take off the watch when washing your Hands.

By Rain no problem at all, there are O-Ring on the back and on each button .

TRON is fully protected !

 Magnetic charging: 

TRON has a Very stron magnetic system



Strong Magnetic Charger

 Unique Design 

The Numitron IV 9:

  • Digit size: 11 x 8 mm (0.44″ x 0.32″);
  • Tube size: 32 x 10 mm (1.28″ x 0.4″);
  • Brightness : 3000 cd/m2 
  • The Digits are very bright and readable even in sunlight

 RGB backlight fully customized and configurable by user :

configure your favorit color and make TRON more alive


RGB Backlight


 Display animations 

TRON has many cool visualisations effects to display time and date, even when the display go off.


rotate animation, fade-in fade-ou

 you have the full control :

TRON is designed  in a very simplified way and give the full control to the user , configure all what you want, you have a full controlof:

  •  tube brightness, adjustable from 10% to 100% in 9 steps. 
  •  display time out, how many seconds will be the watch on. 
  •  accelerometer on/off. 
  •  accelerometer/tilt position configurable. 
  •  Display Animations, can be turned off too 
  • 12/24 mode configurable.
  •  hour configurable. 
  •  minute configurable. 
  •  second configurable. 
  •  day configurable. 
  •  month configurable. 
  •  year configurable. 
  •  RGB backlight animation: breath rgb color, fix rgb color, cycle rgb color. 
  •  RGB colors : red level, green level, blue level configurable from 0 to 14 level, can be turned off too.