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TreSound1 360-Degree Surround Sound Hi-Fi Speaker

Your immersive concert experience with 360° surround sound and powerful bass reproduction.

An artistic masterpiece inspired by the shapes of the mountain. The peaks symbolize the clearness and brightness of the mid and treble, while the valley symbolizes the full and powerful bass.


Tresound 1 is designed for the modern people of this century who live a fast-paced lifestyle. Simultaneously, it allows them to find a place to relax and enjoy soothing music. Trettitre aims to provide a peaceful & enjoyable experience at home eliminating the stresses people have and refreshing your tranquil mood through its HiFi sound.

Whether you’re throwing a party or hosting a dinner date, Tresound1 can create an ambiance for you with its beauty of sound!


“Trettitre’s TreSound1 is an eye-catching mountain-range-inspired speaker that will become a focal point for any room. The longer you listen, the more your ears adjust to the speaker configuration, and your audio improves in quality over time.” – Gavin Philips 


The 5.25“ big size of the woofer gives the speaker more power than before.
The long-stroke diaphragm coupled with the powerful drive delivers low frequencies at an astonishing 38Hz, which ensures powerful and immediate bass reproduction, immersing you in deep and rich sound.

360° surround sound is usually only found in large Hi-Fi speakers, and its importance is actually often overlooked. The four speakers of TreSound1’s circular structure are distributed in four different directions, so the sound can be fully covered around itself.


Our tuning expert with more than 20 years of experience ensures it has a harmonically rich sound. Whether it is a vocal instrument or a DJ, the beauty of sound plays out perfectly.


Experience the Bass of TreSound1 now:

Experience how TreSound1 sounds with the classics:

And created an outstanding atmosphere with Jazz:


There are 2*1.25″ silk film neodymium magnetic tweeters and 2*2.25″ double neodymium magnetic full-range speakers, which are made by TRETTITRE to produce 360° surround sound.
These speakers have been greatly improved compared to ordinary tweeters and can be extended to 20kHz (+3db) based on the HiFi standards to achieve pinpoint imaging accuracy with extraordinary detail that delivers pure, natural, and layered sound.


The speaker structure adopts a three-frequency division design. In the box, we isolate the high frequency, mid-frequency, and low frequency into three cavities, and use the inverted design to avoid sound wave attenuation and short circuits, maximize the performance of the speaker, and truly achieve high-fidelity sound quality.


The metal mesh outside the midrange and treble speakers is like sheet music. The wood base outside the woofer is coated with premium piano paint. When these seamless combinations play music, just imagine a piano artist playing live for you.


When the wood comes out of the master’s hand, it becomes a work of art. A successful craftsman does not depend on youth but on rich experience. Our artisans have 50 years of professional experience. Therefore, a master is the unity of body, mind, and spirit, we call it “Psychic communion”

Primed with four layers, Sprayed 13 times with high-grade piano quality paint. The metal mesh in the middle is carved from 304 stainless steel. After being rolled into a cone, the interior is seamlessly welded and polished, and the surface complements the piano paint. The entire production process of the product has gone through more than 100 processes.


Turn on the speaker simply with the knob switch on the top. When the switch is turned on, that very same knob is your control to adjust the volume.


The base of the TreSound1 has an LED strip embedded in it. While you are listening to music, you can have the visual embellishment of the LED at the bottom, which can also increase the level of the space and enhance the effect of interior decoration art.


TreSound1 system connects to the phone via Qualcomm CSR 5.1 APTX. The Qualcomm Bluetooth chip enables the quick pairing which can fast and stably transmit 16bit/48kHz high-fidelity audio, breaking the last constraints of HiFi speakers.
*Note: Speakers must be connected to a power supply to work


From the birth of creative inspiration to the entire design process of the product, we focus on every detail, dedicated to presenting the aesthetics of sound.


Pick your favorite color for the right corner of your house.