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TOPPOSH: Nebulizer Polisher for PLA & ABS 3D Printed Models

10 Mins Quick Polishing | Uniform Heating | Compatible with ABS & PLA | Polish Simple or Complex Structures | Bulk Processing

TOPPOSH is an indispensable tool for 3D printing to enhance your post-processing experience. With special chemical solvents, TOPPOSH ensures fast and even polishing of both PLA and ABS prints without sacrificing detail. Combined with heating and atomization, it is an efficient and effortless method for polishing 3D printed models.

To ensure an improved post-processing experience for 3D printing enthusiasts, TOPPOSH developed a special solvent to achieve quick and effective PLA polishing. This solvent is a blend of acetone, alkanes, and various stabilizers and can soften both PLA and ABS without deforming the models. By using heat as a catalyst, the layer lines will melt and quickly merge into a perfectly smooth surface.

Models polished with TOPPOSH eliminate layer lines while preserving all of the model’s intricate details. TOPPOSH will not damage any print details and leaves your designs looking smooth and shiny.

With TOPPOSH, polishing 3D prints is more efficient than ever before. A longer polishing time is recommended for larger models, but generally not more than 20 minutes to avoid over polishing.

Although solvent steam provides more uniform polishing results than soaking, the vapor created by heating alone tends to cause uneven results. Therefore, we added a nebulizer to the lid to spray the solvent mist from above. 

This allows the solvent molecules to fill the entire tank more evenly and smooth every crevice and corner of the model.

The design of the model tray is also a great help when using TOPPOSH with some complex designs. By using the tray, direct contact can be avoided with the solvent or the surface of the model, further protecting the model.

For further versatility there are brackets on either side of the tray, allowing the model to be suspended with fishing line or wire for a better finish from top to bottom.


The inner tank size of TOPPOSH is 334*203.5*185mm (13.5*8*7.3 inch), and larger models can also be handled with ease. If you have multiple small models, they can be processed in one batch to save time and materials.


The maintenance of TOPPOSH is also surprisingly simple. The tray and inner tank are made from high-quality stainless steel and can be removed and washed with ease.

TOPPOSH is available in 220V and 110V versions. Different plugs and voltages will be provided for different countries.