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The Wilsdorf Collection – Miniature Luxury Watch Cufflinks

Cufflinks that are fully functioning luxury miniature watches!

The Creamy Patina Story.

At Creamy Patina, we’re two brothers who live and breathe watches. In our first ever collection, we have painstakingly recreated a legendary set of iconic watches into a fully functioning, intricately designed package.

Ladies and gentleman, we introduce to you, The Wilsdorf Collection.

What makes the Creamy Patina Miniature Watch Cufflinks so special? 

The fact that The Wilsdorf Collection has been designed and made by watch nerds who have crammed all the iconic features of these iconic watch lines into the most beautifully captivating, tiny package.

Each miniature watch cufflink is fully functioning and can tell the time! All you need to do is wind the crown and you can set one cufflink for a different time zone!

The Wilsdorf Collection brings the most salient features of the most iconic watches at a super-affordable price:

Bespoke Lightning Bolt Second Hand? Check. Paul Newman Daytona Subdials? Check. The Tiffany Blue Shimmer? Check. Working Submariner Lume? Check. 

The Wilsdorf Collection HAS IT ALL.

Clever Design

Our cufflinks have been made in such a way that we can share a platform between all of them (except the Cuffmariner, but we’ll get to that later), by sharing dial sizes, watch hands (bar the lightning bolt second hand of the Cuffgauss which was a real pain to finalise, but we got there!) – this allows us to scale The Wilsdorf Collection Miniature Watch Cufflinks really easily, and keep the costs down as much as possible for you.

The Cuffmariner however, has to be made on a completely different platform, and this allows us to make it as intricate as possible. The bezel and the case are in essence two completely different entitites, as are the bespoke hands with lume and the bespoke dial with lume (so it glows in the dark!). This is the reason why we need your help to get to the stretch goal so we can make the Cuffmariner a reality, whilst keeping the cost of it as close to the Founding Cufflinks as possible!

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The Wilsdorf Collection – A Brief History

Hans Wilsdorf was a German-born British businessman, best known as the founder of Rolex and Tudor.

He was firmly convinced of a person’s ability to innovate and strive for excellence, as evidenced by his revolutionary watch lines.

The Watch Cufflinks in our collection reflect the most iconic watches designed by Hans Wilsdorf.