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The 40L Travel Go Anywhere Do Anything Bag

One bag for all, all in one bag

We’re back on Kickstarter with the new Tripper Bag. The Tripper Bag will be a great companion for long and short trips, its unparalleled capabilities and modular packing tools will give you a sense of freedom and fearlessness.

Over the past four Kickstarter campaigns, our team has received a lot of feedback from Kickstarter users. I know you’re smart people who’ll never get enough demand from our previous campaigns.

Don’t be fooled by the sleek esthetic – we prioritized comfort and added padded shoulder straps and back padding to the design. You’ll get plenty of envious looks when you carry the Tripper Bag.

Equipped with four powerful modular packing tools, 25 pockets and more than 15 unique features, the Tripper Bag is “just the art of packing.” 

   $200K Stretch Goal – Detachable Waist Belt

The zipper on the top opens directly 180 degrees, providing a large opening through which you can easily reach all your gear without having to constantly rummage around.

Ready to go – Leave your bag at home or roll it up and pack it in your bag or suitcase. Carefully pull it out at your destination and start your day trip and explorations.

The Tripper Bag is equipped with Okoban. Okoban is a system that allows individuals to register items with previously assigned unique identification codes in an online database so that the finder can notify the registrant if the item is lost and then found.

It’s of utmost importance to ensure the safety of people and property when traveling. Put your credit card in the RFID pocket to prevent your credit card from being swiped. 

RFID would also block cell phone signals. Don’t hesitate to put your cell phone in this pocket if you don’t want to receive a call from your boss! 

Despite the large capacity, we emphasize comfort, with padded pockets, breathable back, streamlined shoulder straps and adjustable sternum straps to distribute the load.

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You’ll surely stop to take a breath and enjoy the luxury of the moment as an urban nomad, anti-theft strap gives you the security of “stop and enjoy”

Connect your powerbank to the inside of the bag and charging your phone through a USB port, easy-peasy.

The exclusive place for shoes. The flexible mesh pocket in the bottom compartment keeps a safe distance between shoe sole and snacks.

The Tripper Bag has more than 25 pockets. Around the backpack can be stored umbrellas, water bottles and other medium-sized items. 

The top covers and side pockets are designed for quick access to sunglasses, airpods and other small items.

Tripper bag can also be converted into duffle bag mode, you can press the button on the shoulder strap to adjust the position of the padding to make the weight of the duffle bag more balanced.

Don’t Let Your Gear Get Soaked! Pull out the backpack rain covers and happily protect your backpacks. Then you are ready to embrace the rain and hit the trail…

The stretchy side hem ensures that the Sling bag grows when it is full, and then automatically contracts and slims down when carrying only light loads.

The sling can be worn in front of the body, or loosely around the back.

Don’t underestimate the capacity of the Sling Bag, which can also hold a kettle or an umbrella. You can also carry the Sling Bag under your jacket.

Patent Pended Magnetic Buckle

The strap is equipped with a convenient magnetic buckle that allows you to unwind or close the strap as quickly as an “escape artist”.

Laptop Sleeve is your best partner when you arrive at your destination on a long business trip and need to meet clients and give PPT presentations.

Protect your notebook from bumps and scratches with a simple case. With magnetic Fidlock button that can be opened with one hand, it’s ideal to alone or put in a bag.

Maximum for 15.6″ laptop, there’s an inner second layer compartment for IPad or notebook.

Leave the wet travel items to the toilet bag. Keep your tripper bag dry and clean without worrying about shampoo dripping on your clean clothes during a bumpy ride.