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SwitchCubic: World First Pocket PC & Projector

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Tired of the hassle of multiple devices and tangled cables? SwitchCubic is a powerful 4K Mini PC and Android projector in one. Want the power to work on the go or binge-watch your favorite shows with ease? SwitchCubic has you covered.

With SwitchCubic, you can project your computer screen onto any flat surface and switch the device seamlessly between a Mini PC or FHD Projector with just one touch.

Handle business travel and zoom calls with ease while optimizing workflow. Then, effortlessly switch to a convenient home theater and stream YouTube, Netflix, and more. SwitchCubic simplifies your daily routine and provides essential functions for work and entertainment.

SwitchCubic’s 4.06*2.91*2.91in (103*74*74mm) aluminum alloy body makes it ultra-portable and easy to carry anywhere. Take it along for business trips or leisure travel and enjoy the power and convenience of a pocket PC and personal projector!

SwitchCubic not only provides 1080P Full HD images but also supports full 4K content decoding. Cinematic entertainment is now at your fingertips anywhere you go.

SwitchCubic delivers crisp and sharp images at any screen size from 30 inches to a massive 120 inches. Now, you can always enjoy the very best big-screen entertainment for movies and more. 

Featuring autofocus and virtually instant 4 point keystone correction, SwitchCubic will auto-align images and optimize content projected onto any surface, eliminating the hassle of complex projector setup. 

The LED light source of SwitchCubic is rated for 30,000 hours of reliable high-definition viewing. It’s designed to provide enduring performance and power your entertainment every day.

With the pre-installed Android system and plenty of native apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, and more, all of your favorite multimedia is just a click away. 256GB of onboard storage allows you to download your content and watch conveniently offline. SwitchCubic also enables endless premium content via AirPlay and Screen Share.

SwitchCubic is extremely easy and intuitive to use through a simple touch-enabled control panel. Access all your content, switch between modes, and more. All your entertainment is at your fingertips.   

Enhance the stunning display of SwitchCubic with cinematic stereo sound. With two built-in speakers, you get a powerful and immersive stereo experience for more immersive multimedia enjoyment.

Powered by a 34000mAh battery, SwitchCubic can display high-quality video for up to 150 minutes, easily enough for an outdoor movie night. For longer playtime, you can power it with a USB-C cable.

In addition to providing HD projector duties, SwitchCubic is also a powerful mini PC equipped with up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, providing high-speed performance as a portable workstation loaded with a built-in Windows10 operating system.

It takes only 10s to start Win10. SwitchCubic, as a Mini PC is powerful enough to handle multi-tasking ranging from web browsing to zoom meetings. Using Intel HD Graphics 600 and a 4 Core Intel Celeron J4125 CPU, SwitchCubic processes graphics with a resolution of up to 4K in real-time. With a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, you can easily watch 4K videos and even play some AAA games.

Connect in the way you want. SwitchCubic is loaded with comprehensive I/O ports, including an HDMI out, a Mini HDMI in, a USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, a USB Type-C port, and two 3.5mm Audio out, and a TF card slot. Unlimited expansion starts with wired and wireless connections.

SwitchCubic operates virtually silently, you can barely hear the whisper-quiet fan and its high-efficiency cooling system. Now, you can enjoy a movie or focus on a meeting without being distracted.