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Swan Voyager VTOL – Copter & Plane 2 in 1 for FPV & Filming

8km/1080P image transmission | 4k video/photo | HD FPV goggles | Multi-player | 1 hour flight time | one-click takeoff and landing

Hequav Tech was established in February 2019,  we adhere to the tenet of “flying changes the world”, and continues to explore and innovate. We HEQ stand by our slogan that we will continuously innovate and explore to bring the future to all our audiences. And 8 months after the release of Swan K1 Pro, we are here to deliver something unprecedented in the field of small fixed-wing aircraft, The Swan Voyager.

  • Equipped with a 12 million Pixel high-definition camera, Swan Voyager allows you to film your flights with 4k resolution.
  • With 1080P real-time image transmission from up to 8km away, you don’t have to wait a single second for those amazing scenes.
  • Swan Voyager can soar the sky for up to 60min. No more “low battery warning” scares!
  • Customized HD FPV goggles with a new real-life FPV system will drag you into a whole new world with our Swan Voyager.
  • Unlock the new multi-player game mode with your friend by using the new HEQ FLY app. Discover new games and explore together with your HEQ Swan buddies!

Swan voyager has 2 flight modes. When the aircraft is in multi-rotor mode, it can fly like a quadcopter; when the aircraft is switched to fixed-wing mode, the aircraft can fly like a plane. So you can get 2 different flying experiences with just one drone.

Swan voyager has no difficulty for beginners, it has the functions of one-key take off and one-click return, and the aircraft also has the function of hover protection. So worry not, you can command it within 3 minutes.

Compared to the ordinary RC plane requiring a runway to take off, Swan voyager adopts a vertical take-off and landing method, which makes it more applicable in usage scenarios, such as mountains, streams, cities, seaside and cliffs.

With 1080P high-definition real-time image transmission, Swan Voyager’s image transmission distance is up to 8km.  Never will you have to miss a frame of the breathtaking sights.

Our team applied a new fixed-wing platform 3-axis stabilization technology on a small 12-megapixel camera, so that even when the aircraft shakes in the fixed-wing mode, the image can still be guaranteed to be stable and clear.

IMMERSIVE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: Feel the thrill of immersive flight provided by the HD FPV Goggles, giving you an ultra-smooth, real-time view of your flight.

The new HEQ Fly APP adds a new multi-player interactive gameplay. Pilots can connect with other Voyager pilots in the nearby 20km vicinity through the APP to perform group flying, racing flight and other gameplay. We will take you to your childhood Star Wars dreams.

Thanks to the excellent structural design, the aircraft has an endurance time up to 1 hour and flight range of 45km.Users no longer have to worry about insufficient cruising time, and can enjoy the happy time to the fullest.

For creators on the move, hassle-free use is key. This drone adopts a modular and thoughtful design, you can assemble everything in 1 minute and it is super convenient to carry on outdoor travel.

Swan Voyager – Flight test in Yinping Mountain