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Subnado: Compact & Lightweight Underwater Scooter

Thumb Control | 1.4kg in Weight | Fully Charged in 1.2Hr | 100W Reverse Charging | Up to 1.4m/s | GoPro Mount Compatible


Measuring 377*70*70mm and weighing only 1.4kg, Subnado’s compact and sleek body is about the size of a small bottle of Coke and fits nicely in the side pocket of a backpack, making it easy to stow and transport. Subnado is also airline-approved, so you can pack it in your carry-on luggage and travel with it anywhere.



Waydoo Subnado is an ultra-compact yet extremely robust underwater scooter that has a smooth, powerful propulsion system and user-friendly design. This innovative underwater system bridges the gap between expensive and difficult to control models and ineffective entry-level models. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, with Subnado, you can explore underwater like never before.


Tired of complicated diving equipment? No worries! Subnado’s intuitive and easy-to-use finger ring controller allows you to maneuver it freely and smoothly with just your thumbs. Free your hands to carry out tasks such as mask clearing with ease. No specialized training is needed, just a little practice and you can explore underwater like a pro.


Unlike other underwater scooters, Subnado doesn’t require both hands to operate. In fact, by using the quick-release mounting system, one or more Subnado can be secured on your arms or legs so that you can focus on the surrounding environment and your movements, making you feel lighter and freer.

You can also mount Subnado under a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard for effortless gliding on the water so you spend less time paddling and more time enjoying the view.

How to mount Subnado on SUP board


 Say goodbye to endless waiting for your dive gear to be ready. Subnado has optimized the balance between battery capacity and charging time. Using Subnado’s advanced 100W fast-charging technology, it takes around 1.2 hours to fully charge its 98Wh battery set, which allows you to cruise through the water for up to 56 minutes.

To further enhance your diving experience, Subnado also features 100W reverse charging, which can charge your other electronic devices anywhere and anytime. Subnado not only powers your underwater speed but also keeps your essentials powered up and ready during your travels.


Subnado offers three gears with different thrust outputs: 3kg, 5kg, and 6.5kg, with a maximum cruising speed of 1.4m/s. When using 2 Subnados, the maximum speed reaches 2m/s. Whether you’re chasing fish or zipping around the coral reef, Subnado will get you where you want to go quickly.


Subnado’s jet propulsion system gives diving an entirely new level of performance and maneuverability. Its powerful thrust is able to effectively combat water currents and propel you forward at faster speeds.

Subnado allows you to travel up to 60 meters at a decent speed in deep open water. Moreover, its jet propulsion system propels you forward without stirring up much sediment, allowing you to maintain good visibility when you’re performing deep technical diving, cave diving even wreck diving.


Underwater, energy level and air consumption are vital. Diving with Subnado can significantly diminish fatigue so that you can breathe easier and conserve energy, helping you to dive deeper, farther, and longer on a single tank of air.


Don’t let its small body and simple appearance fool you – inside is the most cutting-edge technology that enhances your subaquatic experience. With a unique 4-blade propeller assembly, Subnado’s propulsive efficiency is 23% higher than that of the injection-moulded propellers commonly found on similar products, making it possible to go for a longer exploration with the same amount of power.


Equipped with a jet propulsion nozzle with well-designed stator vanes, Subnado is able to recover some of the kinetic energy of water flow and reuse it to further improve the propulsive efficiency by another 5%, thus extending runtime even more.


With the extension ring, you can mount up to 3 auxiliary accessories on Subando, including but not limited to GoPro and an underwater fill light, improving the visibility and stability for shooting video footage. Tackle your next dive with Subnado and capture more stunning footage!


Not limited to just professional divers, even the greenest of greenhorns and youngsters can get more fun from aquatic sports with Subnado. This summer, let Subnado bring more fun and excitement to your pool.


Subnado is designed with safety in mind. In order to minimize the risks of accidents, Subnado uses only the most reliable built-in battery and a wired controller. And for the safety of children, Subnado’s propellers are fitted with a finger-safe guard to reduce the risks of accidental propeller injury.

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