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SportSet: Innovative Open Ear Headphones in headband-style

2021 RedDot Design Awards + BlueTooth 5.3 + IP67 Waterproof + Snug Fit Design. Designed for comfort during rigorous activities.


S&O SportSet was designed to alleviate the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience the current wireless audio devices on the market cause to the users’ ears while being tough enough to handle your active lifestyle.

Our Spirit  Our Innovation  Our Why

Imagine you’re on a run. The wind is kissing your cheeks while your mind is relaxed and focused as you’re listening listen to music. Then suddenly your current earbuds become loose and fall out due to the vibration every time your foot hits the ground. You now have to stop your training, go back, pick up your earbuds, clean them off, and place them back into your ears.

The scenario above may be the main reason you have chosen to wear a sports headset instead of uncomfortable earbuds. Unfortunately, those devices are quite heavy and create extreme pressure on the ear area. The degree of pain and discomfort is aggravated by long-term use.

S&O SportSet gets rid of those problems! 

SportSet is defined as a Bluetooth headset and sports headband. A truly 2-in-1 multifunctional audio device.

With our stylish and innovative headband design, you can enjoy all your favorite physical activities without discomfort or pain! Never worry about having your earbuds fall to the ground or becoming entangled in wired headphones again! PLUS, our high-quality headband design keeps the ongoing sweat produced on your forehead out of your eyes!

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Our Design

S&O SportSet includes the following innovative features designed with sporty elements to keep the rhythm of music flowing so you can stay focused and enjoy your own euphoria.

S&O SportSet is comprised of two main sections to allow for size adjustment and comfort. When worn, the front section (sweatband) is located on the user’s forehead while the rear section is located at the back of the user’s head ensuring the user’s movement will not be affected or restricted.

Both sections are small in size and lightweight, which improves the wearing comfort of users. In addition, the connection between the front and back sections provides a quick-release structure making it easy to disassemble, replace or clean the front ring structure or the rear ring structure, and improving the convenience of use.

The rear structure includes a Bluetooth headset playback component at a position corresponding to the user’s ear, which can be used to play music and receive voice calls while on the go.

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 2-in-1 Design for an Active Lifestyle

Stylish headband acoustic accessory designed for comfort during physical exercises

Key Features

Headband-style design, Ear-liberated comfort

Designed for conveying positive vigor and confidence. SportSet is made up of two parts that fit perfectly on your head, so you never have to worry about it falling off. The open-ear design allows for total awareness of surroundings and earbud-free, comfortable listening. It’s perfect for sport-related exercises and daily workouts.  

Bluetooth 5.3, Fast and stable connection

Utilizes the latest Bluetooth® 5.3 technologies to deliver a next-generation wireless experience. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices.

Wicks sweat away from your face and keeps you feeling fresh

The headband style keeps the eyes and face protected from perspiration.

Dual Microphone system for Clear Calling

High-quality voice calls are an essential requirement for a wireless headset. Two microphones are included on the headset to ensure clear, natural-sounding voice calls in noisy environments.

Dynamic driver, A better sound quality

16mm Dynamic driver with upgraded structure and materials, pure sound is delivered directly to your ears.

IP67 Waterproof, Dustproof

An IP67 rating makes S&O SportSet completely sweatproof and waterproof to deal with intense workouts and extreme weather.

Fast charge, 4-hour Playtime

Charges in 10 minutes for 2 hours of playtime. No need to worry about the battery life, which will help you handle any activity with ease.

Premium High-Quality Materials

Premium materials of LSR and SS with a high-quality finish. High-end materials make SportSet more durable. The headband part is fully washable and environmentally friendly.

Easy control mode, One-hand control

Voice assistant

S&O APP, Personalize your device

Customize the button control to suit your style. With EQ mode, find the ideal sound settings for your ears.

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