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SPINN CP.02 | Camera carrying reimagined

Carry your DSLR or Mirrorless more comfortably than ever and instantly accessible in any position.

Camera carrying reimagined.
Let your camera rest bombproof in any position without swinging or slipping, and enjoy unrestricted access and perfect view of all controls.

The SPINN CP.02 camera carry system feels intuitively true and incredibly good from the first moment.

Put the strap where it belongs – at the bottom of your camera – and let your cam connect perfectly with your body. In every situation, with every move you make.

This system is made to fit any DSLR or mirrorless camera. Instant battery access* & Arca quickmount included. The adjustable comfort strap can be used as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap. Two quick-adjusters provide easy reconfiguration at any time.

Of course, you can use each of the CP.02 components separately, but together they are an unbeatable team.

This way of carrying your camera will change the way you take pictures. It leads to an automated hand movement after only a short time. In the crucial moment, you will intuitively grab your cam. 

Enjoy the freedom while all controls of your camera are freely accessible without tangling with your strap.

Walking, hiking, climbing or cycling – no more obstacles. The camera fuses with your body, while remaining fully accessible. A new level of performance for a universal camera carrying system.

The SPINN CP.02 is more than a camera carrying system. It also effortlessly connects your camera to most tripods thanks to its integrated Arca compatibility.

Arca is a worldwide quick-mount standard for tripod heads.

Just choose the complete CP.02 system as a set, or all components separately. Of course you can select the color of each strap one by one. With the ADD-ONS it is possible to add all parts of the system in different quantities. After the campaign, we will ask you for all details in a survey together with your address for shipment.

Let’s dig into the details. A massive chunck of information about the CP.02 camera carrying system:

 project video thumbnail

Martin from our team explains all the important facts at a glance in this video.

Features: 1) Recessed strap eyelets /// 2)  Slip-proof rubber pads /// 3) Smooth edges for maximum comfort & perfect looks /// 4) Three attachment slots /// 5) Quick release tripod support with Arca-compatibility /// 6) Hand strap attachment slots /// 7) 1/4″ camera screw from hardened steel (made in Germany) /// Full protection of the camera base, no disruption of tilt-swivel displays Specifications: overall length: 115 mm (4.5″) /// width: 42 mm (1.65″) /// weigth: 48 gram (0.1 lbs) /// adjustment grid: (in shooting direction) stepless (sideways) 9.0 mm (0.35″) /// CNC-machined and black anodized aluminum.

While the CP.02 camera plate basically works all DSLR & mirrorless cameras, the “Instant battery access” feature is currently tested and verified for following cameras:

CANON: EOS R / EOS RP / EOS R5 / EOS R6 / EOS 5D Mk II / EOS 5D Mk III / EOS 5D Mk IV / EOS 5Ds / EOS 5Ds R / EOS 6D / EOS 6D Mk II / EOS 7D Mk I / EOS 7D Mk II / EOS 70D / EOS 77D / EOS 90D / EOS 750D / EOS 800D / EOS 850D / EOS 1300D / EOS 2000D / EOS 4000D / EOS Rebel T100

NIKON: Z5 / Z6 / Z6 Mk II / Z7 / Z7 Mk II / Z50 / D40 / D300 / D500 / D750 / D780 / D800 / D850 / D3300 / D3500 / D5200 / D5600 / D7500

SONY: Alpha 1 / Alpha FX3 / Alpha 7 Mk II / Alpha 7 Mk III / Alpha 7R Mk II / Alpha 7R Mk III / Alpha 7R Mk IV / Alpha 7S Mk II / Alpha 7S Mk III / Alpha 9 / Alpha 9 Mk II / Alpha 6000 / Alpha 6100 / Alpha 6400 / Alpha 6500 / Alpha 6600 / SLT-A65

FUJI: X-H1 / X-T2 / X-T3 / X-T4 / X-S10 / GFX50S II / GFX50S / GFX100S

LEICA: CL / SL / SL-2 / SL-2S / Q-2

LUMIX: DC-S1KE-K / DC-S1E-K / DC-S1ME-K / DC-S1RE-K / DC-S1RME-K / DC-S1H / DC-GH-4 / DC-GH5M2 / DC-GH5M2L / DC-GH5M2M / DC-GH5S / DC-G9EG / DC-G9LEG / DC-G9MEG / DMC FZ-2000 / DMC FZ-2500

PENTAX: K-1 Mk II / K-3 Mk III / K-70

If you miss your camera in the listing, drop us a short email to “”. We will check it out for you!

The CP.02 strap mount captures the entire width of your camera – this makes a significant difference and can’t be compared to systems that only attach to your camera in the center or asymmetrically.

We knew we could do better…

There are a million straps and plates on the market. But none of these come close to achieving all that is possible. The CP.02 is, in our modest opinion, the best way to carry a DSLR or mirrorless camera. It holds your camera firmly and securely in any carrying position.

Available in black & olive green – the SPINN adjustable comfort strap

Lightweight, adjustable on both sides and guaranteed without metal parts. Our adjustable comfort camera strap can be used as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap. It glides over clothing easily in sling mode but is grippy enough to prevent slipping in shoulder mode. Two low-profile quick-adjusters  – made from carbon fiber reinforced polyamide – provide easy reconfiguration at any time.

Features: Skin-friendly & smooth touch /// No metal parts scratching your gear. /// 2-way adjustable with two low-profile adjusters /// 50% more lightweight than usual adjustable straps  Specifications: Usable overall length: 99–155 cm (39″–61″) /// Width: 38 mm (1.5″) /// Weigth: 80 gram (0.18 lbs) /// Made of durable polyester webbing and carbon fiber reinforced hardware /// Manufactured in Germany

Lightweight & durable: Custom carbon fiber reinforced hardware (CAD sketch)

Adjustable on both sides without metal parts scratching your gear.

This well-known phrase describes it so well… We want to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible and together with you, we can make an impact. That’s why we’re launching a reforestation program in collaboration with Eden Projects for all SPNN products. You will find details in our updates during the campaign.