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Spider M1: Laser Engraver & Cutter with Infinite Work Area

Portable & compact, redefines laser engraving & cutting with infinite possibilities.

We are thrilled to introduce the Spider M1, a powerful and portable laser engraver & cutter with infinite work area. M1 redefines the capabilities of laser engraving & cutting. It results from years of trial and error, hard work, and experience. Spider M1 has a work area of 200/400 mm*∞. The infinite Y-axis means that there is no need to constantly reposition material for projects with long lengths. It works infinitely along the Y-axis to engrave and cut on any sized project.  Spider M1 gives extreme flexibility and its ability to work 24/7 means it can support your endless creativity.

Spider M1, is a game-changer with incredible flexibility that opens up a world of creativity for you.

Unlike other laser engravers on the market that are bulky and difficult to use, Spider M1 utilizes a highly integrated design with an optimized frame structure and a cantilevered single-arm structure. The Y-axis uses a pulley structure rather than a traditional guide rail which cleverly eliminates length limitations for a more efficient and minimalistic design.  

This revolutionary structure provides unlimited versatility and lets you create anything you can d

No longer limited by bulky and heavy machines, you can now have the convenience of a portable art studio anytime and anywhere. Spider M1 is an elegant integration of technology where power and beauty coexist perfectly. Portable, space-saving, and weighing only 3 kg, Spider M1 is the best tool to give you access to the creative world. With a stylish bag included, it is easy to carry anywhere, empowering you with the versatility of engraving on the go. Featuring premium quality and modern style, Spider M1 is the ultimate laser engraver. 

Start Engraving within seconds. You don’t need to be a professional artist or designer to get creative with laser engraving. The integrated design allows you to engrave anytime without the need for time-consuming assembly. With the Spider M1 laser engraver, anyone can tap into their creativity. With a user-friendly design, Spider M1 provides professional-grade engraving that’s easy enough for anyone to use.

The infinity feature is all about unlocking possibilities. From small to big, from round to square, from short to long, Spider M1 can handle it all by controlling every aspect of the production process. It’s the perfect choice for businesses, artists, hobbyists, and professionals. 

Small batch customization in the workshop, DIY decorations at home, must-have classroom projects, you name it. Spider M1 also comes with several add-ons to enable all your fabrication needs, including a dedicated frame for small objects, a micro adjuster, and more.

If you are in the market for a portable desktop laser engraver and cutting solution capable of working with a wide variety of different materials, Spider M1 is your best choice. You can produce an almost endless variety of unique items for yourself or your business. Spider M1 is ready to unleash your creativity on hundreds of materials including paper, bamboo, wood, leather, fabric, and more. We encourage you to dream big and make it happen. It’s time to embrace the freedom of laser engraving and cutting with Spider M1.

Spider M1 is both an engraving machine and a metal marking and cutting machine. Featuring fast 5W engraving and 10W cutting power with professional precision, Spider M1 is perfect for hobbyists and small businesses looking for a powerful yet affordable cutting and engraving system.

Intuitive operation for efficient use. Equipped with a 2.5 inch touch screen and a TF card slot, Spider M1 is easy to use for everyone. You can connect it to PC or mobile phone and enjoy photo engraving with a single click on the smart App. No need to stick around and oversee the process, you can leave it alone and let Spider M1 do its thing. You deserve a hassle-free workflow and with the user-friendly Spider M1, you’ve got it.

Stop the endless waiting and let us help you engrave and cut smart and fast at every step. You can upload a picture or simply take one and edit it in-app, Spider M1 will start engraving immediately. You can see exactly what the final picture will look like and can make adjustments to the position and pattern to ensure perfection before the laser gets going! Smart laser engraving step by step via the app is intuitive and quick. Laser Engraving has never been easier – all the incredible features are now at your fingertips! Enjoy total control using the smart app without the need for extra cable connections or complex setups.

We know the importance of safety and have ensured that the operation of the device is as simple as possible while also including safety measures such as double protection using an external machine cover and a laser protective cover, along with shading and eye protection, for all-round protection.

A fully integrated smoke and fume filter system ensures a completely odor-free workspace. The enclosed structure and safety cover prevents the laser from leaking to ensure your eyes are protected. Quiet engraving and cutting create a workspace that does not interfere with your daily routine. So much power and versatility in such a small package. Spider M1 is ready to elevate your laser engraving and cutting experience like never before. 

Behind the modern and aesthetic design, Spider M1 combines a unique mute driver chip and a specially designed low-noise motor paired with a precise adjustment algorithm to make the engraving process quieter. It’s particularly useful in the home office, thanks to its 30dB ultra-quiet operation. Get more done at home with peace and quiet.

  • Spider M1 series has a work area of 200/400 mm*∞. The standard Spider M1 version and Spider M1 Pro have the same machine size and work area, which are 100*100*520mm and 200mm*∞. 
  • Even though Spider M1 Pro looks identical to the standard version, it’s more powerful with the 10W laser power. Spider M1 Max has the same laser power of 10W and its work area is twice bigger as the Spider M1 Pro. If you want to work on some big project, Max would be your best choice.
  • Other than the laser power, machine size, and work area, everything else remains the same.