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SonoNix – Nixie Tube Turntable Lights Up Your Life

An Encounter Between Modern and Retro Times


Vinyl record players have a certain retro appeal. With SonoNix, you can awaken sentimental memories, relive the classics and embrace history, culture, aesthetics and life.

A vintage record player harbors an emotion, a quest for music, and a flow of life. 

But technology alone is not enough to make a product special. Instead, a unique style that combines modern and retro creates a futuristic beauty that is undeniable. 

As times change, ingenious designers blend style and technology. SonoNix combines these elements with minimalist beauty and stunning design to define a new technical aesthetic.

With SonoNix, your evenings will take on a retro-futuristic feel. Featuring a long-lasting and reliable N-14 nixie tube, the built-in Nixie Tube Clock is more than just an old-fashioned way to display numbers, it is a stunning piece of decorative artwork. Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a gift for a friend, SonoNix is an original. Indulge in memories, or talk to friends about the years you’ve spent together while listening to music.

SonoNix is not bound to any single genre, of pop, rock or heavy metal. Simply turn the knob, SonoNix supports the three common record speeds: 33⅓ rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm with a stable belt drive to dampen vibration and provide steady playback. You just need SonoNix and a record to enjoy a high-fidelity listening experience.


Some people ask why we love vinyl. Perhaps when the needle touches the vinyl your mind travels back to good times. SonoNix uses a reliable Moving Magnet cartridge from Audio-technica to capture every subtle sonic detail from the record and produces balanced and rich audio. It is also compatible with various phono inputs and can be used with a wide range of stereo amps and receivers, so that it works with the audio gear you already have.


With a built-in speaker, SonoNix is your hassle-free entry into the world of vinyl. Simply drop the tonearm, there is no need for an extra amplifier. Warm sounds and powerful rhythms instantly flow from the speaker. SonoNix delivers fuller, more robust-sounding tunes with minimal tonal loss. You will appreciate the sound and music more; lyrics, beats, and rhythm take you on a sonic journey.

SonoNix Sound

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