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SØDE Design Stylish & Sustainable Furniture for Cat & Human

RIP Ugly Cat Tree – Finally Furniture for Cat and Humans that you’ll be proud of. Scandinavian, Sustainable and Tested on/by Cats!

Design Furniture for Everyone (Cat+Hooman)!

Join me in ending the reign of the (ugly) Cat Tree together. Indeed aren’t you sick and tired of just picking the least ugly-looking products for your adorable furry friend? That’s how we feel too and that’s why we are here to provide you with 2 pieces of beautifully designed Cat furniture (that also Hooman can use too) that are handmade with Love, and: 

“Good for your Cat 🐈,  your Interior 🏡, and the Planet 🌍!”

Our name SØDE Design (which means “Sweetie”, “Sweetheart” in Danish 🇩🇰) is a tribute to our nordic origins (we’re based in Amsterdam), to Scandinavian Design and an ode to our lovely little tiger(s). 

The SØDE Design Products Family. Each Product’s shipping Box converts into a Cat Paperhouse!

5 reasons to choose a SØDE Design Product:

I Unique & Stylish Design I Premium Quality I Approved by Cats and Vets I Sustainable & Long-Lasting I Support Small businesses and the European Economy I




“Hooman, do you also hate that ugly cat tree that takes up the entire room? With ORIGAMEOW, you get a fine piece of furniture for me and you, meow! A stool for you, and…a throne, a cave, a playground, and a scratching pole for me.” 

ORIGAMEOW – our Multifunctional Stool

 A. 💙  for your Cat

ORIGAMEOW is an all-inclusive resort Throne for your Cat (+ a nice stool for you). Produced in sunny Portugal with high-quality Materials

1. A Place to chill & hide

Well, there’s no secret that Cats love to take the high seat (aka the Throne). ORIGAMEOW has been developed with this in mind. Whether it’s to avoid company and hide inside or supervise the room with one eye open at the top, both places will offer cushy bouclé pillows for your cat to relax, to chill, sleep and experience their best dreams.

2. Scratching Surface

Since chilling is not enough, your furry friend can also exercise its claws on our premium cardboard on the side and also inside. It won’t tear up easily so you will not find cardboard crumbs around your house (your welcome!). 

3. Playtime with our Playrope

You can choose to attach or detach our playrope (we also call it a pawty rope) to your kitten’s liking. Long gone are the days when you had to play with a sad-looking piece of rope; this one is stylish and made to last the proof of time!

All in 7 Modular ORIGAMEOW

ORIGAMEOW has been proudly tested on a dozen of cats across the globe from different breeds, ages, and sizes! The good news is that they’ve all adopted it!

Approved by Capitano

  B. 💙  for the Planet

  •  Cardboard; over 80% of cardboards that we use are from recycled sources and 100% are recyclable.
  •  Wood; our wood structure has the FSC and PEFC certifications that guarantee that wood has been collected from responsible and sustainable forestry and works towards the long-term preservation of our forests.
  •  Textile; our Textile is certified Oeko-Tex and can resist the test of time. Our pillow covers are washable and the used wool weaving is super-premium so that it won’t shrink or change shapes.
  •  Playrope; each playrope is unique and handmade by a team of professional weavers who have been in this industry for 40 years. Besides, the used fiber is 100% composed of recycled industrial waste (but totally safe for your kittie)!


 project video thumbnail

C. 💙  for your Interior


This eyesore that served as a piece of Cat furniture is now gone thanks to ORIGAMEOW, plus your couch and favorite chair will be forever grateful.
   Meow, do I hear a sigh of relief?

Panda approves her ORIGAMEOW

Stylish ORIGAMEOW will complement your interior

Capitano likes to monitor the room from his ORIGAMEOW throne!


Technical Dimensions ORIGAMEOW



Flower Pot or Pole Scratcher? Why decide when you can have both!

A. 💙  for your Cat

Finally, with FLOWER PAWER, a vertical scratcher that has some swag and is fully sustainable! Watch your favorite succulent or cactus grow in this elegant cork Flower Pot while your Cat works its claw magic on the cardboard part. Multifunctional, it also comes with a playrope (which we call the pawty rope)!

The multiple Facets of FLOWER PAWER

FLOWER PAWER Scratching Comfort approved by Capitano

Nobody’s allowed too close to Capitano’s FLOWER PAWER

  B. 💙  for the Planet

  • Made with eco-certified wood, premium cardboard, and Portuguese cork, FLOWER PAWER will delight your eyes and provide a source of relief and entertainment to your feline. We recommend you use plants that do not require heavy watering as Cork is water-resistant, not waterproof!
  • It also comes with our signature Playrope; each playrope is unique and handmade by a team of professional weavers who have been in this industry for 40 years. Besides, the used fiber is 100% composed of recycled industrial waste (but totally safe for your kittie)

FLOWER PAWER Bill of Materials
  • Besides, this awesome FLOWER PAWER comes with a shipping box that transforms into a wonderful Cat Castle. So, grab your scissors to be the Cat Parent out there!

FLOWER PAWER and its converted shipping box

C. 💙  for your Interior

Look at this stylish interior of yours 🙂

Gone are the days when you had to choose between pleasing your cat or keeping your stylish interior intact!

FLOWER PAWER will be the talk of the town when you have guests over!

FLOWER PAWER blends easily in any Interior

A stylish FLOWER PAWER in which your succulent can thrive!


Technical Dimensions FLOWER PAWER


It’s notorious that Cats love boxes so we decided to make great use of our Shipping box which will become for sure your cats’ favorite Canal House in Amsterdam (ode to the city we’re based in) or a Cat silhouette Paperhouse! Equipe yourself with a Pair of Scissors, follow the lines, and do a bit of bending with the cartons here and there, you’ll make your furry friend rooooaar with pleasure 🐯

Now your tiger has a fort of his own!

Both Products come in a Shipping Box that converts into a Cathouse!

ORIGAMEOW Shipping Box (converted into an Amsterdam Canal Paper house)

FLOWER PAWER Shipping Box converts into a Cat silhouette Paperhouse


To make sure our products are loved by Cats, we’ve worked with our “Cat Happiness Officer” Monica Grau who is a Vet surgeon and a feline Behaviorist.

She has two lovely Cats at home (Oreo and Fluffy) and they have been tough critics with her invaluable insights, we’ve improved our initial offerings to meet the demands of our felines. Listen to what she has to say below! 


Kitties from different breeds, origins, sizes, shapes, and ages have been trying our collection of products (ORIGAMEOW, PAWTY ROPE & FLOWER PAWER) and they’re raving about it.  

Our Happy Customers


Cat Tree Vs SØDE Design

Please help us save the world from another (ugly) Cat Tree and see why you need at least a SØDE Design Product in your (and your Cat’s) Life. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Ugly Cat Tree VS SØDE Design

Small details that make the difference

Our Code of Conduct


Our products are inspired by the Scandinavian School of Design, Sustainable & Eco-friendly, long-lasting, and made in sunny Portugal!

SØDE Design Sustainability Pillars

  • We work with factories that are located in the North of Portugal, close to home where working conditions are amongst the best in the world, with true artisans and craftsmen who are dedicated to producing quality over quantity.
  • Our main factory works according to a strict code that acts as a promoter of sustainability and circular economy, and uses renewable energy to engineer its manufacturing process; the factory acts on a 5-way level (Quality, Environmental, Chain Of Custody for forest-based products, Social Responsibility and Legal Compliance).
  • Besides, we’re following strict guidelines according to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental). 

Main Factory Visit in Portugal

Selecting the best Premium Cardboards

Supervising the Cutting Process