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Snailcle Smart Bike: Bring Home Outdoor Cycling Experiences

Auto lifting Handlebar&Seat | 3 Ways to Adjust the Resistance | Immersive Real-Terrain Ride | Ergonomic Design | App Control & Tracking

Snailcle Smart Bike: Bring Home the Outdoor Cycling Experience

At Snailcle, we are devoted to solving problems long been setting back the at-home fitness industry. And as our latest target in 2021, we decided to dive into stationary bikes and embarked on the journey to perfection.

After researching for months, we zoomed in on the two biggest problems that many ordinary stationary bikes on the market have. 

One thing we immediately take notice of is that many stationary bikes end up becoming expensive clothes hangers or covered in dust after a while. When people can’t find joy in the repetitive pedal exercise, it is very difficult to keep at it and make the best of it.

The second issue is that more often than not, these so-called smart exercise bikes are not so smart, but are rather hard to follow. It’s always annoying and frustrating when you have finally reached a flow state but have to stop mid-workout to adjust your seat or resistance level. And you just drift away from what you originally desired — a smooth, real-life exercise experience. 

Many smart bikes on the market simply pile the features on top of each other without integrating them into an intelligent machine, and the so-called smart bikes are not easier or more convenient to use.

 But what we promote at Snailcle is an effortless learning process. You will be able to master it before you know it, while you are allowed to solely focus on enjoying the ride without distraction.

An additional appeal is that unlike the often-obtrusive design of stationary bikes, our snail-shaped bike is very aesthetically pleasing and easily integrated into your home interior.

How to make it fun?

Outdoor bike riding is an easily accessible workout to keep oneself fit, and also a fun activity that combines constantly changing views and new routes to be explored and discovered that can never be boring.

But for most people, it is not always possible to go outdoors, despite the perks. Sometimes you are busy, sometimes the weather is bad, and there is always an excuse.

Exercise just like cycling outside

That is why you need an at-home stationary bike to keep your fitness routine on track, regardless of the weather, or the distance the biking routes are.

But how can you have the fun and relaxing experience at home the same as biking outdoors, and can also explore new routes instead of endless and boring repeats of pedaling staring into the wall?

Snailcle offers a solution.

Combining smart technology, auto-adjustment, and realistic terrain effects, Snailcle provides an immersive riding experience and a modern way to exercise for the entire family.

Snailcle brings home the outdoors with realistic-terrain cycling

The Snailcle brings in the outdoor biking experience, allowing users to feel the ups and downs of the slopes with realistic resistance. And the auto lifting handlebar and ergonomic design, in addition to the scenic views you can set up to see on your phone, allows you to feel immersed as if you were riding outdoors.


New routes every week so you will never get bored

Snailcle works closely with Unity to update new biking routes every week and provide you with the world’s most breathtaking views, including the mountain view, and lakeside, allowing you to travel and bike around famous scenic spots, directly from the convenience of your smartphone.

Safe and carefree ride

Many users of stationary bikes have trouble getting into the right position or don’t know what are the right and safe postures, and this cause their knees and back to get hurt.

With Snailcle, users can adjust the positions simply by pushing up and down the switches on the handle to adjust the height of the seat or the height of the handlebar relative to the seat. All the adjustments can be done without getting off of the bike, offering you a completely interruption-free exercise experience.

Okay, we have the fun elements now, what else do you need?

You need a real smart bike.

The bike would welcome you when you turn on the bike before you embark on the journey, it allows you to seamlessly adjust the height of the handlebar and seat, as well as different resistance levels without interruption. This ideal smart bike would also store your physical and exercise data so it would automatically adjust the settings for you.

If all that sounds like what you need, welcome on board on Snailcle!

Smart and seamless adjustment

Our bike will automatically lower its seat and handlebar then you start the connection with the APP, according to the route you choose on the app, so you can seamlessly start riding without worries and instantly immerse in that outdoor vibe.

Automatically adjust the height after getting on the bike

The AI-powered bike can also detect the rider’s posture, so when you lean forward with your elbow close to the handlebar, the resistance will go higher, while when you straighten your body and lay back, the resistance gets lower and you can ride in a more relaxed manner.

Adjust the resistance with your posture!

You can also choose the reverse setting or turn off the Position control feature

Real life simulation

One thing missing from most stationary bikes on the market is the simulation of outdoor riding that you get from up and downhill when you are on a real bike.

3 effortless ways to get the right resistance

Apart from the position control mentioned above, our bike also changes the resistance level automatically with the route in the APP while keeping the traditional scroll wheel function.

Personal data storage

Compared to the real-life biking experience, one of the handiest functions of the stationary bike is the personal data storage feature that allows you to see all your riding history and make your own exercise plans.

In addition, the bike also stores your preferred seat heights and the height of the handlebar relative to the seat as well as other settings. So every time you get on the bike, it will be ready to go.


 Memorize all your settings

For the whole family, every member can set up different profiles on the app with different settings and preferences, so the whole family to ride with ease.


All those functions serve one purpose— providing you with an easy breezy and smooth riding experience.


All in the details


About Snailcle

After years of hard work, Dr. Stephen, founder of the Snailcle, suffered from anxiety and depression, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. He believes that we all need a piece of beautiful and smart exercise equipment so we can enjoy exercise while embracing a new lifestyle.

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The Snailcle was designed from the ground up by a team of young and enthusiastic engineers in Hongkong and mainland, China. Since the beginning, the team aspired to make the smartest and most efficient stationary bike on the market.

The research and development (R&D) process started in early June 2021 and since then Snailcle has gone completed market research, product planning, and design, sample production and verification, optimization iteration, small batch trial production, as well as marketing planning. And finally, we are happy to announce that the Snailcle bike is ready for market test: Kickstarter.

Perks that just for you

 Join our no-impact movement 

Regular exercise is vital to improving one’s health. Don’t wait up! Get the Snailcle bike and keep pedaling. With minimum space requirements and comprehensive features, our bike helps you lose weight while improving your cardiac health and strengthening your joints and muscles as well. It is perfect for a low-impact exercise that can be done anytime.