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SMOROBOT – 100% Cordless AI Pool Cleaning Robot

Intelligent Path Planning | 3.5-Hour Runtime Covers 4100ft² | 188W Suction Power | Walls+Waterline+Floor | Free US Shipping in May 2022

For the last decade, there hasn’t been any true breakthrough in pool cleaning technology. Most pool cleaning robots are simple vacuums on wheels bumping into things and getting stuck in corners, until today.

SMOROBOT has developed a unique motion-control system combined with intelligent path planning technology to clean the entire pool from edge to edge, including the walls and waterline. 

What’s even more impressive is that SMOROBOT is entirely cordless, with a powerful battery that runs for 3.5 hours on a single charge, SMOROBOT is a set & forget robotic helper.

Intelligent path planning allows the robot to fully clean the Floor without missing any corners, and it prevents doing the same spot many times. This results in a 10x cleaning efficiency, compared to ordinary pool cleaners which always walk randomly in the pool.

With SMOROBOT Edge Cleaning Technology, Tank X can clean all swimming pools of any shape, including both rectangle pools and irregular pools.

Using its unique intelligent navigation technology, SMOROBOT brushes and sucks up dirt from bottom to wall to waterline, and intensely clean every inch of the walls. Other pool cleaners cannot thoroughly remove stubborn dust and dirt from walls, because they cannot continuously work on the walls, and often drift down from waterline to bottom.

Even on smooth surfaces, SMOROBOT climbs 90-degree angles with ease due to its unique combination of suction and tank wheels.  

Our Robot can clean and climb up all kinds of material of your swimming pools, including Pebble, Plaster, Concrete, Paint, Tiles, Gunite, Vinly Line, PVC and etc., and will not wear or damage the inside material of your pool. We understand that certain inside material of the pool is with high cost and need to protect well, we have cansidered this and avoid from toughly wear the inside material through our upgraded special design on tracks.

 Good planning makes for good results. SMOROBOT’s Intelligent Path Planning precisely measures your pool dimensions, then uses advanced algorithms to map the most efficient and effective cleaning route possible.

Without scientific Path Planning, no matter how excellent the cleaning ability of the robot is, it only cleans randomly and never completely cleans the swimming pool which is inefficient and time-consuming. 

The reason that we can achieve most outstanding cleaning results is, we combine the most powerful suction. Ultra-scrubbing brush wheels and uniquely two separate, large capacity filters.

SMOROBOT uses its tank tracks for driving and its designated brush at the front for cleaning, efficiently scrubbing off any dirt while sucking it up into its large filters.

The powerful suction is so strong it even picks up heavy debris like rocks, just look at this video where SMOROBOT drives over two loose tiles. We realize this powerful suction through 188W Suction Power of the water pumps and 300W instantaneous maximum from battery output.

The scrubbing brush wheels are designed to get any kind of dirt to detach from the pool and passes it on to the suction inlet.  

  • Independently operated brush wheels work together to clean the most stubborn dirt, grime and stains.
  • Special Row Tooth Design enables the brushes to self-clean for maximum effectiveness.
  • Precise suction port placement ensures that materials scrubbed off by the brush wheels are immediately captured in the filter basket.

SMOROBOT uniquely uses two separate filters, one fine- and one coarse-mesh filter which can trap big debris like leaves while also being able to trap ultra-fine particles like sand, algae, mineral deposits, dirt, hair, bugs, gravel and more. 

SMOROBOT’s patented software and hardware design, combined with advanced battery technology, delivers 100% cordless performance without sacrificing power, for a safer, more convenient way to keep your pool sparkling clean. 

Safety is always our first consideration. Battery as the very important part of the Robot,we set up quadruple safety protection of our battery: Short-Circuit Protection, Over-Temperature Protection, Overcharge Protection, Overdischarge Protection. 

SMOROBOT’s multiple built-in, high-precision sensors work together with our advanced AI path-planning algorithm to detect the underwater environment of your entire pool, then quickly and autonomously map the most efficient and effective route possible to make sure that every inch of floor and wall surface area is thoroughly cleaned. 

Using unique motion-control algorithms, SMOROBOT can overcome the complex effects of buoyancy, inertia and currents to achieve precise command at any angle, on any surface or moving in any direction, including forward, backward, up, down and rotating.

SMOROBOT Tank X series have 2 Models for your choice: X11 and X10.  The main differences between them are: X10 is a standard model which cleans the floor only,  while X11 can clean the floor, walls and waterline; However, both X10 and X11 support Intelligent Path Planing.In addition, the battery capacity of X11 is higher than X10, so X11 will have longer working time and larger single cleaning area.

Please take the following chart as reference and pick the model as your perfect robot.

Kindly Remind: If there is any problem with a product exceeds 24 months warranty,  our after-sales team will continue to provide paid maintenance services. 

Package List of X10/X11 

Pledges Left For X11(Floor+Walls+Waterline)

Pledges Left For X10 (Floor Only)