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SleepHoHo Smart Sleep Robot

The intelligent sleep sidekick that helps you to always sleep better and wake up pleasantly at the right time

According to the CDC, people dealing with short sleep duration patterns are more exposed to heart attack, coronary heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, and depression, which has prompted us to start working on improving sleep since 2020, so we know how it is and how important it is to make sleeping well easier—which is why we designed SleepHoHo Smart Sleep Robot!

For the last two years, we spent a lot of time understanding the amazing and vital world of sleep. We started learning about sleep with sleep experts and exploring the logical application of related algorithms, as well as building a powerful system and app for a device that could help users to have healthy sleep patterns, and to wake up in a natural and balanced way.

SleepHoHo Smart Sleep Robot is equipped with a sound sensor, light sensor, and motion sensor and evaluates your sleep status through the microwave radar. It is prepared to record and analyze indoor noises, light intensity, and other elements, and it combines these capabilities with a microwave radar. What does all this mean? In simple terms, this robot can detect whether there are people in the room if the environment is suitable for resting and whether the user is asleep, snoring, or even talking in their sleep.

Smart Sleep Robot picks up all this information regarding the user’s sleep status, and combines it with sleep knowledge and algorithms to activate its features to facilitate a better and more restorative sleeping experience—as well as to help the user wake up smoothly.

Well, SleepHoHo uses its sight, sound, and smell sensors to help you naturally sleep better by activating an ultrasonic mosquito repellent, adjusting the room temperature, automatically shutting down home appliances, and activating soothing sound effects, such as white noise, nature sounds, and relaxing music. It influences human brain waves, heart rate, and breathing rhythm through specific sound and light effects, such as the release of 50-450 nm wavelength orange-red light. What s more, HoHo naturally stimulates more melatonin secretion in your body, namely by also using ultrasonic aromatherapy

Using its audio and light sensor, the Smart Sleep Robot App is capable of measuring body movements and sleep cycles and determining sleeping patterns that are recorded on a sleep data sheet. It compiles all the knowledge of sleep into a set of programs and gives a set of sleep solutions. This unique device does not just use this data to help you sleep better—it also provides unique insights into your sleeping patterns.

Waking up in a healthy and pleasant way is as important as sleeping well, which is why SleepHoHo Smart Sleep Robot also monitors your sleeping status to provide a pleasant experience when it is time to wake up.

It starts with a soft sound of nature, followed by aromatherapy, and a dim light that is programmed to progressively strengthen in a blend of audio, smell, and visual stimulations that gently bring you out of deep sleep to light sleep until you naturally wake up ready to welcome a fresh new day.

Along with a number of features of Smart Sleep Robot that you can control through the App, you can also use it to control the device’s built-in white noise as well as 6 types of sleep aid and 6 types of waking up immersive scenarios.

Wake up in the countryside, on the beach, in the garden, or in other contexts with one click. That will feel refreshing after sleeping like a baby as you did after choosing the rain scenario or other, and after using the breathing adjustment in the sleep aid. And that’s not all—if you want a more personalized experience, you can use the App to do a DIY sound adjustment in which you can combine a guitar sound with rain, for example.

SleepHoHo Smart Sleep Robot is designed to integrate with IOT and intelligent homes, or simply with compatible intelligent devices. That means that, along with giving you the opportunity of controlling this robot with voice commands, this Smart Sleep Robot also uses a built-in infrared device that allows you to voice control, turn on and off, and adjust your TV, air conditioning, and home appliances.  

Smart Sleep Robot’s Ultrasonic Radar does something incredibly useful during the summer when you’re surrounded by insects you don’t want to hear or be bitten by. This one-of-a-kind robot detects the presence of mosquitoes and automatically starts repelling them—so that you have no mosquitoes buzzing around your ears!

Leveraging its understanding of the collected sleep data, this device also uses its capabilities to improve your nights and mornings with ultrasonic aromatherapy. When you need to sleep, SleepHoHo Smart Sleep Robot will use aromatherapy essential oils that will soothe your nerves, stimulate autonomic nerves, relax the body slowly, and help you sleep. When it’s time to wake up, it uses aromas that stimulate your brain, improve perception, and help to eliminate drowsiness and fatigue.

SleepHoHo Smart Sleep Robot is equipped with a 3D Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker that makes it possible for you to:

· Play the songs, audio files, and podcasts you want to listen to

· Choose from the seaside, countryside, village, city, rain, and other wake-up and sleep modes

· Explore an impressive gallery of sounds and music in the App

· Customize your preferred sound to wake up or sleep

· Enjoy the amazing effects of cool colored lights that are great for parties by following the rhythm of the music

As a truly intelligent sleeping aid device, Smart Sleep Robot has a color base of 16 million magic lights that it uses to create unique effects—and that you can control through the app or through voice commands.  

  • When you’re sleeping, it releases a 590-750mm Nano orange red light that is similar to the one NASA astronauts use as their sleeping light. This will increase melatonin and will help you gradually fall asleep.
  • When you’re waking up, it simulates the sunrise light, leading your body to decrease melatonin and speed up metabolism until you wake up naturally.