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SIKAKEYB SK3-Ultra-Compact Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

Ergonomic design. Multiple connection modes. Cross-platform compatibility. Full-color RGB. A versatile, one-of-a-kind typing experience

If your mechanical keyboard doesn’t create an addictive typing experience, you haven’t been using the right one. Built for quality, comfort, and satisfying key presses, the SK3 is the world’s most compact wireless mechanical keyboard and laptop companion. It can be placed directly onto the keyboard of any laptop under 14.9 inches without interacting with the original keyboard, increasing speed and accuracy, saving desk space, and keeping your screen closer to you.


Its 65% layout makes allows you to position your hands more naturally with less movement, and with bluetooth, 2.4G, and wired connectivity, it can be connected to a maximum of 5 different devices at the same time. Switch between devices with a single key press for a more efficient multi-device workflow.  

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SK3s also include high-quality Gateron hot-swappable switches, so you can customize whether you hear a click, how smooth your key presses are, and how much force needs to be applied to activate a key.


At 65% the size of a typical keyboard with 68 of the most common keys, the SK3 has minimized size while maximizing functionality. Where other laptop-compatible mechanical keyboards require desk placement, remove touch pad functionality, or insert the wrong characters at the slightest shift, SIKAKEYB SK3 fully enhances your current typing experience, so there’s no need to compromise.

In addition to maintaining touch pad functionality, the SK3 allows the area beside the touch pad to be used as a wrist rest.

The SIKAKEYB SK3’s main body is made from durable yet lightweight aluminum that has gone through CNC machining and a careful anode oxidation process. With its translucent black ABS bottom, out of the box, the SK3 is an instant classic, merging that fun, retro feel with elegant, clear-cut design choices.


SK3 has wired and wireless modes that allow you to connect with up to five devices at the same time and switch between them with the press of a key. At full capacity, it can interface with  (1) Type-C device,  (3) Bluetooth devices, and  (1) 2.4G device.

  •  Type-C wired connection

Wireless connectivity. Connect to one 2.4G and three bluetooth 5.0 devices. Use FN+Q/W /E to bluetooth 5.0 devices,FN+R to 2.4G devices.

SK3 is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android system, so you can switch between your phones, laptops, and tablets. When using a Mac and Windows device, press FN+A/S to switch between modes.

SK3’s compact design takes up 65% of the space of a traditional keyboard and includes the 68 most common keys.

SK3 uses Gateron hot-swappable switches and plate-mounted stabilizers so you can DIY a typing experience you’ll love.

  • Typing sound of silver switches

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The SK3 is compatible with most switches on the market, including plate-mounted and PCB. Mix and match. The possibilities are endless. 

The default plate-mounted style costar stabilizer offers a great touch experience right out of the box, and creates minimal noise so your typing won’t be intrusive. Replacement with a screw-in stabilizer is simple and straightforward.

SK3’s double-color keycap design is both sleek and functional. Your fingers will sit comfortably on each keycap as you type, and the cherry height sitting will allow you to transition smoothly from key to key without accidental touches. This was achieved via a special over-molding technique using PBT material.

Keycap shape of SK3

The 5 Gateron switches available with your SK3 include the Blue PRO,Brown PRO, Silver PRO, Yellow PRO and White PRO.

  • Drive DIY Keyboard

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 The SK3 comes with 3 default configuration settings, but allows you to customize your keys any way you like using your computer. You can also use the quick-switch function (FN+Z/FN+X/FN+C) to switch between the different configurations and maintain your optimal workflow at all times.

One of the best features of mechanical keyboards is their customization, and each SK3 offers full-color RGB background lighting to fit your aesthetic. Choose from 18 different preset light effects, or take things a step further and customize your light effects using the software and driver. Sound-activated light effects are available as well.

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