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Sgast, Full-Duplex Walkie-Talkie Bone Conduction Headphones

Multi-Way Simultaneous Group Chat | Bluetooth 5.0 | IPX8 Waterproof | Listen Music & Make Calls

Powerful upgrade to the world’s first full-duplex walkie-talkie bone conduction headphones, Sgast comes with a walkie-talkie function which doesn’t need to rely on any software. 300 meters walkie-talkie range, 5 channels for multi-way group chat without network, and 100% IPX8 waterproof that make it great for any outdoor activities.

Until now, traditional walkie-talkies suffer from severe limitations:

  • Only one person could speak at a time(half-duplex), while others waited their turn to chime in. The communication was anything but naturally.
  • Heavy, can not release your hands to enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Conversations are not private, not suitable for special industries.

Those days are over.

With the Sgast 2-in-1 walkie-talkie headphones, it’s always your turn to speak. These are the first headphones to offer full-duplex simultaneous walkie-talkie function, and 5 channels that allows you to have real-time private conversation with your group members. No need to wait for your long-winded partner to finish.

Unlike handheld walkie-talkies that can not release your hand, the Sgast headphones use bone conduction technology that allows for the most natural open-ear listening experience with minimal sound leakage, don’t fatigue the outer or middle ear, and stay put through any activity.

With dual microphones to focus on the sound of your voice, separating it from other voices nearby. Smart noise-reduction to filter out distracting background noises. Making sure your message isn’t muddied by motorcycle traffic, wind and other background noise.

The best adventures often happen off the beaten path, which far from a good internet connection. With Sgast, you’re always stay in touch even without network coverage. The operation range of the walkie-talkie function is up to 300 meters. You can connect with others in a variety of situations: jungle, desert, rainforest, sea or mountains. This new multi-way communication solution adds safety and fun to any outdoor adventures.

Beides, Sgast also good for people working in special industries that require a walkie-talkie such as swimming training, hotel service, police, construction workers, miners and others.

Why do swimmers find themselves unmotivated when they are swimming?

The reason is clear.

Other exercises allow you to listen to music or talk with someone. But when you are in the pool… it’s a different story.

The full-duplex walkie-talkie solution not only allows coaches to give instructions to swimmers, but also receive the feedback from swimmers. Whether you need to swim for recovery or are training for better speed, Sgast will let you swim faster and farther than you know.

With 100% IPX8 waterproof, dustproof and sweatproof, Sgast can be fully submerged in water up to 20 meters. Whether you are training in a sweat or jogging in a light rain, you will be fine. Not enough dust enters inside causing any adverse effects and water jets from all directions. It is perfect for facing any adventure.

Differ from audio just lacks quality and clarity on some Bluetooth headphones. Using Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the Sgast offers incredible sound transmission to make sure you get the very most from your music, you’ll never miss a moment as it provides clear, crisp and perfectly in sync audio direct to your headphones.

With high-performance dual microphones and noise reduction to focus on the sound of your voice, Sgast detects and minimizes unwanted noise, picks up and amplifies your voice even in a crowded space.

Walkie-Talkie, Music, Calls, Volume, all in one simple touch. No matter where you are, you will become completely immersed in whatever you are listening and stay in touch wherever you are go.