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ROCWARE-RC08 Mini Video Soundbar

Built-in Speaker & Microphone丨ToF Autofocus丨90° Ultra-Wide-Angle丨360° Rotating Stand丨Loseless Portrait Mode丨

As a professional audio and video equipment provider for online interaction, we are pleased to announce the launch of ROCWARE’s newest addition – RC08.


RC08 enables users to produce high-quality content and enjoy a professional experience without having to worry about low-quality video calls, bulkiness, multiple devices occupying space, complicated wiring, or high-cost issues. 

In terms of laptop lens versus RC08, the latter can provide a wider view due to its 90°wide-angle view, which means will cover more people, whereas the laptop’s lens only captures the area it is pointed at. In addition to its instant ToF autofocus, 1080P full HD lens with 90° wide-angle, the RC08 will provide different devices with the ability to flexibly aim at different angles no matter installed on desktop computers, laptops, desktops, or tripods.

RC08 will meet all your needs in a compact and easy-to-use setup, whether you are streaming a game, taking an online class at home, or holding a conference call.

RC08 is equipped with 1080P full HD resolution, 30fps/25fps image encoding speed, and 2.07 million effective pixels (effective pixels are the pixels that are active in the actual photosensitivity imaging under the lens zoom ratio) enable it to capture your movements in real-time without a glitch, with a 90° wide-angle view can better record the character and environment, which makes meetings and online courses more realistic even when miles apart. 

Are you planning to purchase multiple devices and turn them on one by one? ROCWARE is here to simplify your life.

Compared against other webcams on the market, RC08 does not require you to buy extra audio equipment. On the contrary, it is a 3-in-1 high-quality webcam with a built-in microphone and speakers. Most importantly, the sound quality of RC08 is better than the built-in speakers in a Laptops, in another word, RC08 will let you have a better communication for both video and audio.

With 1080P full HD resolution, you will be able to present the finest image under a variety of lighting conditions and, at the same time, make your online world and video content more vivid and detailed.

The clarity of RC08 is better guaranteed. Why? —— Because in comparison with the majority of webcam products, ROCWARE has a wealth of experience in the selection of the best possible hardware, like choosing a suitable low-distortion lens that controls the distortion. Enable RC08 to capture a perfect image of you and your surroundings, enhancing the sense of perspective, offering an immersive and dramatic video effect.

RC08’s fully upgraded ToF autofocus technology is equipped with a laser-assisted focusing system along with a 4X digital zoom function —— meaning it’s capable of achieving accurate range measurements regardless of the characteristics of the projection surface.

In addition to using a 1/2.8-inch CMOS lens image sensor, RC08’s camera offers some of the best features for automation and quality control, including 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms with backlight compensation.

A high-performance acoustic cavity design inspired by air duct structures, coupled with Harman audio technology, aims to create an audio experience that is amazingly clear and crisp, with a roaring base and an overall remarkable sound-making video conferencing a real-time experience that you will fall in love with.

RC08 weighs only 5 ounces, which means it is easier to carry and use. It is worth mentioning that under the premise of such a lightweight, we have fully upgraded the speaker, with a power of 2W, a pressure of 0.5, 82db, and a coverage radius of 5 meters. —— Provide higher sound quality than laptops or LCD TVs.

RC08 is equipped with a built-in omnidirectional microphone that delivers high-quality audio, which is thoughtfully designed for online conferences (suitable for 300+ attendees) and live broadcasts. 

The audio 3A algorithm (AEC/AGC/ANS)

It is used to carry out Echo cancellation, special noise reduction, and gain processing to solve the environmental noise problem.

RC08 also uses advanced features such as -30±2dB sensitivity, automatic volume adjustment, noise-free output, and full-duplex dialogue. Its dual-talk and no-suppression function ensure smooth and clear dialogue and comfortable communication.

RC08 weighs only 5oz and measures 121x32x31mm. It also has a USB plug-and-play function (no driver required) – meaning can be used anytime, anywhere.

RC08 has a 360° rotatable stand. Just press and hold the button on the back for only 8 seconds, and you can instantly switch between horizontal and vertical screens. While keeping the same lossless FoV of picture in both horizontal or vertical setting.  Ensuring your communication experience.

RC08 has an ePTZ (Electronic pan, tilt, and zoom) function.

When the digital zoom function in the network camera is enabled, the user can control the tilt, pan, or zoom through tools and software —— within the enlarged image to achieve soundless and more precise rotation.

Network security is a major issue in today’s society. Every user needs to protect privacy from time to time, and covering the webcam is the easiest and safest way.

In addition, in order to enhance the communication experience, ROCWARE team design a mute button feature on the RC08 to ensure no disturbs during conference calls. 

In the case of reality shows, you will be more than happy to know that ROCWARE-RC08 will be able to enhance the realism, allowing you to get closer to what is presented in front of you. How impressive is that?