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Rocket 1- World’s Fastest Top-Down Resin 3D Printer

380mm/h Printing Speed| No replaceable screen & Release film| 35μm XY & 1μm Z-axis Resolution| Print Solid, Flexible, Transparent &more

With its incredible speed and high resolution Digital continuous liquid forming (DCLF ) technology, the HITRY Rocket 1 ushers in a new era of 3D printing, bringing powerful, user-friendly, quality printing options for education, industry, and creativity.

Slow, frustrating processing times seem to be an inherent and unavoidable characteristic of today’s 3D printers. But now, Rocket 1 arrives as the new game-changer. Today, we proudly present the fastest consumer resin 3D printer in the world – Rocket 1, which is able to print at an unprecedented 380mm/h. You don’t need to spend hours or days waiting anymore. With Rocket 1 you can have your designs completed within minutes.

Rocket 1 is not only fast, it also prints with outstanding accuracy. With 0.035mm XY resolution and 0.001mm Z-axis resolution, Rocket 1 prints every pixel quickly and accurately, and the surface finish is exceptionally smooth and perfect.

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This professional level accuracy is perfect for science research, prototypes, and other industrial applications. Rocket 1 is capable of printing complex model structures with inner pores of 0.2mm and smooth surface through which fluids and gases are free to flow.

Rocket 1 projects the light from the top of the machine down to the resin surface and cures it, so there is no replaceable screen or release films required. This means less waste and lower power consumption. Of course, it also helps save you money and time.

With industrial-grade quality, Rocket 1 is durable, robust, and stable with a life expectancy of more than 18,000 hours. 

Rocket 1’s resin tank holds 3.7kg of resin, which can contain large models. However, you don’t have to worry about wasting resin. HITRY developed a filling liquid that is insoluble in resin, non-toxic, reusable and inexpensive. With this liquid filling the tank, you can finish your print with only 300g of resin remaining.

Powered by all these innovative technologies and designs, the curing parts in Rocket 1 are free from the effects of gravity and pulling forces, which leads to more possibilities in printing various materials, especially glass-like transparent models and sponge-like flexible models.

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Currently, Rocket 1 offers 8 different types of resin, giving you more options for various applications.

How does Rocket 1 print so fast? We’ll go over its technology in more detail. Digital continuous liquid forming( DCLF)is a new generation of 3D printing technology developed by the HITRY team, which effectively increases printing speed and print quality by reducing the resistance of cured parts.


Dead zone is the base of DCLF tech. The dead zone is a thin, liquid interface of uncured resin between the oxygen and curing zone. Light passes through the dead zone and cures the resin beneath it into a solid part. During the curing process, resin keeps flowing onto the curing part, maintaining a constant layer of liquid, hence the curing part is less affected by sinking down. Moreover, Rocket 1 increases the thickness of the dead zone by 10 times, improving printing speed and quality even more.

The key to the blazing-fast printing speed is the fast-leveling photosensitive resin developed by the HITRY team. The nanomaterials in this resin cause the resin to flow into the dead zone and level quickly during printing, significantly reducing printing time.

Another key feature of Rocket 1 is its top-down printing design. Unlike the bottom-up printing method, top-down printing sinks the curing model down into the resin instead of pulling it up, to avoid the influence of gravity and peeling forces. Therefore, users don’t have to worry about layer separation or wrapping.

Rocket 1’s top-down printing design ensures that models print with little or no support, which saves a lot of time during post-processing.

The top-down printing design also helps print large solid leveling models quickly and effortlessly without the need for a scraper.

You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy this 3D printer. Rocket 1 comes pre-calibrated and ready to use straight out of the box. There are no installation steps required, making it a true plug-and-play device.

Its intuitive touchscreen makes Rocket 1 so easy to use that anyone can realize their creativity in an instant. All you have to do is choose your model file and then start printing at the touch of a button. Within minutes, you’ll see the detailed print rising from the tank. Furthermore, Rocket 1’s ergonomic design allows you to operate the touch screen standing up comfortably, instead of straining while bending over.


ROCKET1 comes with a one-year CHITUBOX Pro license(Reg.$169) for FREE.  Also compatible with CHITUBOX Basic and other third-party slicers.

CHITUBOX core supports mainstream CAD File Formats. Versatile editing tools. 

Professional model repair toolset. Smart supports adding. Fast model slicing.


 *Rocket 1 Pro might come with an enlargement expansion function,  the printing volume can be adjusted larger in the future.