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RETECK: Foldable Magsafe Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder

The world’s slimmest and strongest foldable wireless charging car mount for iPhone

Conventional wireless charging and mobile phone brackets have a big problem: they’re too large and thick, so they can’t be folded. They can’t be adjusted and, if they’re strong, that means they’re cumbersome and impractical.

That’s why we’re so proudly introducing RETECK Foldable Magnetic Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder, which leverages the flexibility of silicone to be extremely flexible and foldable, while still being extremely strong and magnetic to keep your phone steadily secured.

Forget about thick phone mounts and chargers for cars that can’t be adjusted. RETECK brings you a slim 15mm phone charger that features all the strength of the thickest mounts but with the elegance and adjustability of a slim holder—easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to store.

If you’re not using your phone at all and simply want it charging, just fold the charging board and leave it flat—you won’t even notice it’s on your dashboard or even in your pocket, if you’re taking it with you.

With RETECK Foldable Magnetic Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder, you can fast-charge your phone with an output of up to 15W. This charger supports the QI protocol, and lets you keep your phone charging while you’re cruising the city.

Never worry again about the risk of having your phone falling and getting damaged. RETECK Foldable Magnetic Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder features a built-in magnet in the charging panel. This means that, when you bring your phone close to the panel, it will use magnetic suction to secure it and prevent it from falling whatever happens.

You can attach your phone as you prefer, and this phone mount will keep it steady so that you can use navigation maps or take calls without worrying about the device’s safety. Even on bumpy and swaying mountain roads, it can firmly hold your phone and provide you with a safe driving environment.

RETECK Foldable Magnetic Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder will keep your phone steady where you need it without affecting your line sight when driving. Yes, we’re also concerned about your safety, so we designed this phone mount to help you use your phone while staying safe on the road!

When you’re charging your phone, you want to make sure it is safe from charging-related risks. And, if you use RETECK Foldable Magnetic Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder, it is—this wireless charger protects your phone from overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheating. Yes, it’s that perfect!


What If Your Phone Does Not Have a Magnetic Suction Function?

That’s simple: just add a magnetic adapter to your phone and it’s ready to be used with RETECK.

RETECK Foldable Magnetic Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder will also work as a super-convenient, secure and adjustable dashboard phone mount for your phone even if it does not support wireless charging.