RANGER | 1000W Backpack Power Station

30L Backpack + 1000W Power Station

The RANGER Hikerpower is the world’s first backpack power station that perfectly combines the backpack and power supply. It fundamentally solves the transport problem of traditional power stations.

It also comes equipped with Adjustable ambient lights, Signal lights, a 3D rainproof cover, and a Large storage space – subverting your perception of a backpack and power station, and redefining the traditional power station.

The Hikerpower can provide 600Wh and 1000W of stable and sufficient power support. It is suitable for 3C products, drones, cameras, GoPros, projectors, and e-bikes. No fussy operation or excessive weight means you can enjoy the outdoors with your body and soul, while Hikerpower provides all the power you need.

The Hikerpower can charge multiple different devices at the same time – simply put, it’s as convenient as a regular wall outlet at home. 

Considering the multiple ways Hikerpower could be used, we included the world’s first side-plug AC outlet. This lets you use outdoor tools, e-bikes, or scooters without worrying about charging cord length, extending your workspace. 

As we all know, the distance and length of a trip outdoors are determined by the amount of preparation. Compared to conventional outdoor power supplies, the Hikerpower can accommodate food, water, clothing, drones, cameras, and more. This means it will reduce your travel burden and allow you to carry more essentials!

For larger items such as sleeping bags, tents, yoga mats, or solar panels, you can use the sturdy and reliable external D-hook hanger to secure it to the outside of the backpack.

According to scientific research, a backpack should not weigh more than about 20% of your body weight. Considering the average weight of an adult man, plus any items that might be carried, the Hikerpower weighs only 18lbs, leaving more space for essentials.

To ensure your safety outdoors, especially when riding at night, the Hikerpower is designed with four colors (red, yellow, blue, and green) and three flashing signal lights (single-click, double click, long press) located on the back of the pack.

  •  Signal mode: While traveling, use the light to show your position or see others’ positions to avoid losing each other.
  •  Warning mode: When used at night, this light can dispel the attack of wild animals.
  •  SOS mode: In case of sudden danger or immobilization, this light assists rescuers to find your position as soon as possible.

For the night, the Hikerpower has adjustable ambient lighting and reading lights on the top of the pack, providing you with a bright and ample light.

The Hikerpower has even more surprises! After collecting surveys from our Facebook group, we were convinced that rainproofing was a feature that couldn’t be ignored.

In case of heavy rain, snow, or if you need to wade through water, just pull out the hidden 3D rainproof cover inside the bag and put it on, totally protecting your Hikerpower.

You can also turn off the heat dissipation hatch to prevent water, especially in the dewy woods in the early morning.

No matter what the original intent of our design was, safety is what we care about most. Therefore, we chose the safer and more stable lithium iron phosphate battery.

We take your safety very seriously, so Ranger uses a LiFePO4 battery, which is safer, has a longer life, and has a higher temperature resistance.

It’s also equipped with the BMS safety management system. This system protects the battery from operating outside its safe operating parameters by constantly monitoring its condition, calculating secondary data, reporting the data, and controlling the battery’s environment.

We have chosen an aluminum case to ensure protection from damage in any environment. And we promise that each product will go through a series of harsh and complex triple defense tests before being sent out.

Considering various extreme weather conditions, we recommend you use the Hikerpower in temperatures between -10°C~45°C/14°F~113°F.

While enjoying the sunshine outdoors, you can use the 120W portable solar panel to charge the Hikerpower. It has a 75% energy conversion efficiency and takes 7 hours to charge 100%.

Hikerpower Ranger is designed with an adjustable harness and removable pack; large storage pockets to hold food, water, and other gear. Made with extra-strong nylon for durability