Quickbee 2-in-1 Multifunctional Power Station

12-minute fully recharged power bank | 260W 4-port charging station with real-time wattage panel to charge your devices simultaneously

Conventional power banks can only charge a few devices, so you need more than one. Conventional charging experiences of multiple devices generate an entangled web of charging cables and cords, which is messy. Conventional power banks easily go out of power and take too long to recharge, which leaves your devices out of battery precisely when you need them on their best performance. 

If your conventional power bank is constantly leaving you stranded and waiting for it to come back to life when you need it the most, Quickbee is designed to meet all your charging requirements in the fastest and most efficient decluttered, and reliable way ever!

Quickbee works through L1, L2, and L3 that make an innovative system of three charging devices that keep the energy flowing—and your gadgets and accessories always charged and ready to go.

It all starts with L1. It charges 4 devices simultaneously, delivering a peak power output of 260W, and of 100W for each Type-C port. Specialized integrated software monitors the power consumption of each charging port and accurately displays each charging operation on the 1.3-inch OLED display screen. In other words, this 2C2A charging station lets you charge your phones, laptops, and other devices quickly, efficiently, and simultaneously like never before!

Each situation requires a different charging delivery, so L1 offers you three power output modes that you can choose from by simply long-press L1’s button. This is how L1 performs on its own. In a nutshell, by working from three optional modes, you can satisfy the specific charging requirements of most digital products. 

We can’t highlight this enough: as a smart charging system, Quickbee lets you choose the power output you want to use. So, when a sustained 10w power output is enough because you just need to charge a table lamp or fan, the device’s second USB-A port will provide the 10w lighter low-power output that you need. No more, no less.

Along with using special software that monitors how the power output of each charging port is performing, L1 features a high-brightness 1.3 inches OLED display that provides a convenient and clear snapshot of how the system is working—and where each port’s power is going. If you ever thought that power banks should be smart and able to regulate their power output, this is the charging system you always wanted to have!

You won’t see this anywhere else—literally. L3 is the 8,000mAh power bank that can be recharged in as little as 12 minutes via its accompanying L2 charging dock, bridging the 150w power output that L1 will deliver to ensure you have your L3 up and running to charge your devices in almost no time. Quickbee Powerbank charges 2 devices simultaneously through its 30W Type-C port and its 30W USB-A port.

L2’s main function is to keep L3 Power Bank going. We designed it with a special built-in cooling fan that will quickly and continuously dissipate heat while charging other power banks and devices while staying cool enough to never get into overheating risks. Acting as L3’s charging tray and bridging it with L1, L2 will bring it back to life in its full capacity in only 12 minutes—effectively making this the world’s fastest recharging power system. 

Currently, the best 8,000mAh power bank available on the market takes 120 mins to 240 mins to recharge. Now, with Quickbee, you can use its Fast-Charging mode to cut that time to 12mins. In practical terms, when the remaining power of L3 is 0, you can simply plug the L1 into the L2 charging tray and wait for 6 to 12 minutes to see L3 fully charged! 

In case you’re not in a rush and want to take it easy, you can use the system’s Standard Charging Mode, recharging L3 with a USB-C charger and cable in approximately 60 minutes—which still takes only 66% of the time that the previously best 8,000mAh power bank on the market took to recharge!

Quickbee Powebank is equipped with a Supercapacitor, its battery is expected to last 10,000 cycles before its capacity is reduced to 80% of its original state. To put things in perspective, the life of a conventional battery sustains 200 to 500 charging cycles meaning that good power banks will probably last only for a year. On the other hand, if you use L3 once a day, you’ll be able to use it for 30 years!  Most powerbanks will lose power in low-temperature environments. With QUICKBEE supercapacitor powerbank, even at -10ºC, still maintains the same power.