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QubeStove 16” Smart 2 in 1 Self-Rotating Pizza Oven & Stove

16.5-inch Rotating Stone | Dual Burner Compatibility | Rotating Motor Included | Easy and Quick Setup | Up to 1000°F/535℃ in 10 minutes

Cook your favorite pizza in just 90 seconds with QubeStove 16”, the latest portable, self-rotating 16.5-inch pizza oven and stove. Featuring high-speed heating, a powerful rotating motor, and a portable design, QubeStove 16” is easy to use and delivers the best possible cooking results. With dual fuel options, get ready to enjoy unlimited cooking times to meet your needs all in one product.

Say goodbye to partially melted cheese and get a pizza with a crispy yet tender crust and bubbling tomato sauce. From the traditional Italian Neapolitan pizza to the familiar taste of the sausage calzone, enjoy unlimited zest food flavor with Qstove and become a true chef master of your own.


With an extra-large, 16.5-inch rotating pizza stone, you can make full-size pizzas with the same delicious taste every time. The innovative rotating stone design allows you to cook pizzas and other yummy dishes evenly without burning them. At Qstoves, we’ve made cooking pizza so easy that you can say goodbye to turning peel!

Free your hands and enjoy an effortless cooking process. Compared to our previous generation of QubeStove, we have integrated a powerful rotating motor for the new model. Instead of manipulating the rotating stone manually, you can sit back and watch your pizza cook perfectly by simply pressing the switch at the bottom of the stove!

Equipped with high-speed heating technology, QubeStove 16” reaches up to 1000°F or 535°C in just 10 minutes. It is not only convenient but also quick and safe to deliver a freshly made cheese pizza in 90 seconds. Discover all the possibilities and enjoy delicious meals such as roast chicken and other barbeque dishes with QubeStove 16”!

The upgraded gas burner has a low-power cooking function and a fully functional body. Experience better flame performance when cooking at any temperature, and gain total control over how you cook your delicious meals.

The QubeStove 16” is easy to detach and assemble, allowing you to quickly set it up anytime and anywhere. It has foldable legs that fold up in minutes. Thanks to its portable design, you can take this smart stove on your next camping trip!

Compared to other 12-inch appliances, Qstoves has developed a large 16.5-inch pizza oven with double-layer ceramic insulation technology to ensure better heat retention. In addition, QubeStove 16” uses high-gauge stainless steel, which extends its service life and provides a luxurious structure.

Designed to be multifunctional, QubeStove 16” allows you to cook in more ways than one. BBQ meats, Stir fry vegetables, or roast some marshmallows, the possibilities are endless. You can even use it to boil the water or as a bonfire on camping.

Keep track of your cooking process at all times! With a 10-inch ceramic glass design, you can observe the rotating process without opening the oven. In addition, the big glass window allows for a larger and clearer view when cooking your meals.

Still having trouble checking the temperature of your pizza oven? Our latest QubeStove 16” has a built-in thermometer that allows you to easily monitor the temperature in the oven.

From wood-fired flavor to gas-powered consistency, QubeStove 16” allows you to choose your fuel option, making it more convenient than ever!