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PRIMAL Soles | Next Level Comfort

World’s First 100% Recyclable Shoe Insoles: Maximum Comfort. Minimal Footprint.

Update: You asked, we responded. So we added the Duo Pack | Free Global Shipping 💫 Thank you for your continuous support 🙏 

All sizing, editions and colors will be collected after the campaign has been completed

After years of hearing about the lack of comfortable, yet sustainable, shoe insoles we set out to create exactly that product. 

Ever thought of getting insoles? Probably not? Insoles are one of those products that you just don’t think about that often. But you should! Insoles provide substantial comfort and support to your feet, making walking, running, jumping around that much more enjoyable.

 Insoles are beneficial for everyone, except for the planet 

The insoles that came with your favourite pair of shoes are probably paper-thin right now. Go on, take them out and see for yourself. You see, insoles wear out. And when they do, it’s time to throw them away. On a landfill somewhere, where traditional synthetic insoles will stay for generations. About a 100 million of them every year. 


        That is WHY we created PRIMAL Soles 

And our Beta testers agree

One size does not fit all!

Every person is different, every shoe is different. This is why we created three different editions of PRIMAL Soles. 

*All sizing, editions and colours will be collected after the campaign has been completed.

Bananas Edition

The Bananas Edition is ideal for your everyday sneaker or running shoe. It’s our lightest and thinnest sole providing instant grip due to its natural cork top layer. It has a smooth and soft bounce to it for your everyday comfort. It comes with a 3mm recycled cork/foam bottom layer, a 4mm anti-bacterial central foam layer and a natural cork footbed on top.

Bananas Edition

 The Cortiças Edition is the ultimate support insole for intense sports or for people on their feet all day. The arch provides ultimate posture correction. It comes with a natural cork footbed on top, a 4mm anti-bacterial central foam layer and a 6mm recycled cork/foam bottom layer for soft yet firm support.

Cortiças Edition

Cortiças Edition

The Oatmilk Elite Limited Edition is the perfect blend between soft and bouncy, and high arch support. Slightly taller than the Cortiças, it makes for a great supportive insole in your everyday, office or dress shoes. Made from recycled cork/foam 6mm bottom layer, a 4mm anti-bacterial 100% recycled central foam layer, and natural cork top layer.

Oatmilk Elite Limited Edition

Oatmilk Elite Limited Edition

Oh, we also have T-Shirts 🙂 For a limited time only! 

All sizing, editions and colors will be collected after the campaign has been completed

                  What are we made of? Cork! 

Sourced from the Mediterranean endemic cork oak tree, cork is a natural product harvested every nine years from the bark of the tree. The harvesting process does not harm the tree as it naturally regenerates its bark while reducing CO2. Harvesting actually improves the tree’s CO2-absorbing capability, making cork a CO2 negative product.

Why cork?

     The New Product Life Cycle, as it should be.

We are the world’s first 100% recyclable shoe insole. We take responsibility over our entire value chain: from sourcing, manufacturing, storing, packing, and shipping to recycling.

This is what your used insole will look like after returning for recycling. That is our Promise.

We will take back your used soles. We will recycle and reuse them. You will get 20% off on every new pair of soles. That is our idea of circularity. That is our idea of responsibility. That is Our Promise.


We hereby break away from the old industry standards, where there is limited responsibility taken for what is produced and sold. By “closing the loop”, we make sure that waste is limited and our customers can continue to walk on clouds with a clear conscience.