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Popur – a Quantum Leap in Self-Cleaning Litter Box

**READY FOR PRODUCTION** An ingenious two-box system, like never before, that allows you to live a scoopless life of no compromise.

Introducing the world’s first two-box littering robot with an expandable ecosystem for litter cleaning, waste management, cat health tracking, and more. Popur is the new standard in litter disposal technology, offering both you and your cats an ever-refreshing experience, beyond any alternatives.

Self-cleaning litter boxes have been sluggish for almost two decades. There are three mechanisms in the market, i.e. the automated rake, the rotating drum, and the flush toilet. The second approach becomes mainstream as copycats of Litter-Robot thrive in recent years. However, let alone their hefty price tags, all existing contraptions fail in some of the following aspects:

  • too crowded for cats;
  • possible to hurt cats;
  • easy to get gunky; but
  • difficult to clean out;
  • too smelly; and
  • prone to glitches.

Today, a new species joins the parade. Popur, featuring an originally invented two-box layout, puts an end to your search for a perfect litter box. By two boxes, it simply means that Popur is divided into a bin storing pee-poo and a tray containing litter. This invention is the foundation of fixing the six crucial factors listed above, as well as attaining numerous other desirable results like a much longer storage duration. While in the future there will be more variants for Popur’s waste bin, such as self-packaging or self-flushing models, there are two options available for now:

  • Basic: a cardboard bin for people who can change trash bags everyday or who are not concerned about smell; or
  • Pro: an automatic bin with a cover for most other families. This model is also equipped with an accelerometer for full box detection, an ozone generator for air purification and a UV light for disinfection.

Popur’s cleaning performance is unmatched. While it’s not uncommon for you to break up litter clumps into fragments when shoveling, Popur ensures all leftovers including scraps to be tossed away. The unique DuoTilt™ cleantech combines an initial tilt of the tray to sift litter, and a subsequent tilt of the filter to dump waste. This technology also helps Popur avoid loss of litter regardless of its size and amount, handle loose stools, and minimize dust, therefore keeps the box clean 24/7.

When your cats pee on the side, corner or a shallow litter bed, litter sticks to the box. This is arguably the biggest challenge for self-cleaning litter boxes. Although it still happens, Popur is outfitted with four distinct features to both prevent and remove sticky clumps.

Not only adult cats, but also kittens are allowed to use Popur, thanks to its unparalleled responsiveness to any movements. More specifically, the proprietary SuperSense™ algorithm porting on an advanced millimeter wave radar is capable of detecting actions as subtle as pulses and heartbeats, and is free from the influences of obstacles, ambient lights, mounting surfaces or installation errors.

Featuring an open design which is familiar and appealing to most cats, Popur creates a potty place for cats to enjoy doing their business proudly. With a ultra-spacious litter area of 20″ x 16″ and a diagonal as long as 24 inches, Popur gives the ultimate flexibility for different sizes, even making it compelling to large felines.

Most other contraptions have innate safety loopholes. Propaganda has been trying to create an illusion that the more the sensors, the safer the machine. This is merely a remedy for and a distraction from their design flaws. Particularly for litter boxes, the corrosive chemicals emitted from cat wastes are pervasive and destructive. So however redundant and advanced their sensors are, you are really just playing the odds when it comes to the safety of your cats.

With or without sensors, Popur is safe for your cats. It might be operating, powered off, jammed, malfunctioned, broken or damaged – under no circumstances will Popur hurt your cats. Popur is safe by design, 100%. In theory, it is even safer than manual litter trays which might flip over. Popur completely eradicates the risks of your cats getting injured so you can finally enjoy peace of mind.

There is always a debate on this very issue about the choice of litterbox style. Picking the ideal litter box for your finicky companion is imperative. Otherwise, it will be worthless if your cat with personality refuses to use. Cats don’t share the same preferences. Some may prefer doing their business out in the open. Others may appreciate doing it in an enclosed environment with more privacy. Popur presents all kinds of styles to meet their expectations.

Traditionally, the waste bin has always been an integrated part of a self-cleaning litter box. Everything is stored inside the machine. The corrosive exhausts generated by cat waste will gradually corrupt all electric and metallic components. The results are occasional malfunctions and ultimately a total breakdown – this is an underlying truth that has never been told before. The entire cat potty grows unimaginably stinking overtime. In some families, the contraption would be horribly colonized by creepy bugs and their larvae.

To resolve these annoyances for good, Popur introduces the category-redefining dual box form factor. By separating the bin, Popur achieves the best possible reliability, safety, hygiene, extensibility, usable space and air quality.

a standalone, airtight, smell-proof compartment

With the Pro bin, Popur eliminates virtually all odors, once and for all solving the notorious odor problem. The automatic bin of the Pro version actually seals the trash bag tightly when it is closed. Waste, along with the gases and vapors it exudes, cannot contact anything (not even the cover of the bin) but the bag per se. This distinctive technique prevents odor from leaking or permeating the plastics over time. It also allows you to take out the bag while not having eye contact with the mess.

Popur’s waste bin is able to hold the amount of droppings produced by a single cat, during a period of three weeks to a whole month. Such extraordinary storage capacity is indebted to its 10-liter net volume that can be almost completely utilized, as the droppings are engineered to be spread evenly across the bin.

Hidden corners or dead angles are non-existent for Popur. In a casual way, just wipe the outer or inner surfaces directly – no strings attached.

Never underestimate the importance of cleanability of an automatic litter box. After all, it serves as a toilet and requires a full clean regularly. It would defeat the purpose of saving five minutes everyday by not scooping if you have to spend an hour twice a month on deep cleansing (which is probably more of a pain).

For Popur, a quarterly cleanup usually suffices. Plus the modular design allows you to easily take off both the filter and the liner for hand-washing or replacement. The reassembly is equally simple owing to their thoughtful structures. And again, the other area is entirely visible and reachable for wiping. There is no troublesome tinkering or carry-arounds anymore. Last but not least, Popur is made of premium antimicrobial materials to enhance its ability to withstand mildew or other types of pollution.