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Petvation- The Smart Automatic Pet Door Powered with AI

Combined with advanced facial recognition tech and app, Petvation provides a brand new access experience for your furry friends.

Giving your pet freedom to come and go as they please can prove to be a challenge for many pet owners. Making sure your pet can enter and exit your home without allowing the same freedom to pesky or dangerous critters is a crossroad that can be hard to solve.

It’s not pretty, yet we see it all the time. Raccoons, raccoons everywhere! Cute from a distance, terrifying up close and in your personal space. Not exactly what anyone had in mind when they bought their pet door.

That’s why many of you may move to mechanic pet doors for a solution – but it doesn’t work as you expected. Cats hate being shackled to a bulky, battery-powered collar, and dogs’ endless curiosity increases their risk of injury by mechanical motors. Every pet lover wants to provide their pets with the safest and most comfortable choice, and so do we.


We’ve completely redesigned the smart pet door concept to ensure the mechanics never crash. Well-trained cameras and sensors detect when your pet approaches the door and when they wish to enter or exit. This technology means you’re able to detect when unwanted creatures such as raccoons attempt to join your family.

Machine learning acts as a powerful protector that takes care of your beloved pets. It gives homeowners the ability to control when their furry friends leave the house and, most importantly, who is allowed back in. Similar to Face ID on your smartphone, our advanced vision system intelligently detects when an animal approaches your door. We currently support biometric identification of both cats and dogs and are continuously working to develop the detection of other critters that may try to call your space home.

Petvation is able to recognize animals from accessing your house, including raccoon, wolf/coyote, bear, deer, squirrel, rabbit, duck, boar, skunk, fox, rats, boar, snake, chicken, etc

Your privacy is our priority. Inside of the Petvation device, we arm it with one of the most powerful, cutting-edge AI chips that offer stronger computing abilities than even your phone. This allows us to run our complex proprietary algorithm fully offline, on your own device. Everything is stored and processed within the physical device itself, meaning nothing will be uploaded or stored in our cloud without your consent. This also grants unrestricted operations of the device, even without internet.

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Two sets of high-resolution infrared cameras are built into the slim door frame, with 120-degree wide-angle lenses on each side, providing you with the best visual range for monitoring and detecting.

Your pet doesn’t have to face the camera directly for the device to detect them, while raccoons or other unwelcome animals hiding around will also be detected and you will be alerted in time.

Both cameras are equipped with invisible fill-in lights, working day and night, rain or shine, to take care of your pets. Say goodbye to foggy glares and say hello to uninterrupted monitoring.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill plastic leftovers. hard plastic which swings noisily as it closes shut when the dogs fly through it. This is your aluminum alloy frame fortress. Designed to be airtight, windproof, and water sealed to keep your home’s temperature in check and avoid any unwanted break-ins from animals or weather.

Specially designed motor and mechanical controls ensure that the door latch will not be forced open in any cases. Petvation will open up and down instead of sliding right or left, enabling fewer required spaces for the per door and a fully secured and sealed.

What we care about most is your pets’ safety. Each device is built with three independent safety features that work together to eliminate unsafe activities. Its fast-acting sensors, accompanied by a precise motor mechanism, allow for quick response times, which is especially helpful when your pet is being particularly unpredictable. Rest easy knowing your pet will remain safe and unpitched from head to tail!

The first line of defense is the motion detector. When a pet passes through the door, the system will continuously track it, closing only when your pet is completely away from the door.

The second line of defense is the anti-pinch sensor. We’ve integrated a structured light scanner that shines a fine line onto the edge of the door slit, using trigonometry to precisely measure the distance from the sensor to the object. No tails are harmed when your pets come and go – or stay put.

The average accuracy is about 0.02 inches and is capable of detecting an object as small as 0.2 inches. Even better, its accuracy is not affected by the color, material, or light of the object it’s observing, meaning all pets are accounted for no matter the time of day, weather conditions, or if they decide to rest their tail within the doorway.

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The third line of defense is the self-diagnosis function. Every time the door opens and closes, the device will cross-check the status of all onboard sensors, ensuring they are agreeing with each other. Although it may sound redundant, this guarantees the highest accuracy and safety possible. When any one of the sensors gives abnormal feedback, the device will run into a downgraded mode and immediately send you notifications of what’s happening. In this situation, the door may remain opened or closed depending on which sensor failed. In the unlikelihood of devices malfunctioning, this plan prevents further damage to the device and, most importantly, zero damage to you or your pets.

It wouldn’t be a very ‘smart’ device if you couldn’t change the rules. Our mobile app allows you to take full control of its operations. You decide what times and days your pets are allowed in and out, and eventually, which specific pets have access! You can also track your pet’s door activity, so you know exactly when they’re in the house and exactly when they left.

With the app, you can also control the door opening and closing from anywhere.

People hate noise at night but that’s when a cat roaming or patrolling his/her ‘territory’. Petvation ensures you have a quiet whole-night sleep, our ultra-quiet motor and aluminum-alloy body produce only 40-45dB of sound, about the same as an air conditioner… You’re welcome.

Installation is as easy as 3 steps. Measure. Cut. Place. We designed the whole frame to be as simple as possible and fit any door or wall.

          Applicable for all kinds of doors/walls 

Petvation could be applied to all types of doors/walls as long as you can open a pet-door-sized hole on them. However, we do have a limitation on the thickness of the doors/ walls, ranging from the thinnest at 20mm (around 0.8 inches) to the thickest at 185mm (around 7.3 inches).

For now, Petvation is powered via a 12V wall plug; The reason why battery supply is not our best option is that:

• Lower accuracy of recognition

• Time delay of the door’s operation

• Extra costs for battery replacement in your daily use

The third one is the most concerned feedback we have received, ur users are not willing to spend extra bucks on battery replacement for like every week.

We’d like to provide you with a cost-effective product that has a high level of accuracy, which is what all users care about most.

Still worrying about power black-out or cannot find an ideal wall socket for Petvation?

Here’s a surprise for you!

Petvation can be charged by a power bank , great right?

We are always here for your every concern and provide you with the best products and services! Join the Petvation family now!


Note: The length of the charger wire and the extension wire is 1.5m respectively, together they are 3 meters long, and you could purchase extra extension wires if needed.