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Pettellya- Mini Cardboard Mansion Purrfect for Cats & Humans

3D Pop-Up Cat House Combining Functionality & Interior Design! |Easy Installation|Cats’ Loved Materials |Flexible Combo | Green & Safe|


Aiming to create harmony in shared space between cats and humans, delighting everyone living under the same roof, 3 distinctive cat house designs tastefully balance interior design and practical needs of owners and our feline friends, fitting into homes of different styles and sizes with timeless design styles.

The cat house is designed to elevate modern homes with in-trend designs, allowing you to maintain the flair of your home. The 3 designs feature stones prints, neutral colors and exquisite outlines, creating unique character in each piece.

The meow ergonomically designed cat house featuring an arched opening and scratching pad as the pitched staircase on the tower’s exterior, adding a playful twist to the contemporary vibe.


The structure embraces asymmetry with geometric cuts and sloping. Subtle veining of marble print unveils an understated charm in the design. Characterized by interactive elements and stimuli that encourage our beloved furball to lash out energy and keep their hunting spirit alive.


To create a balance of modern sleek and retro charm, sophisticated yet effortless silhouettes, simple yet appealing patterns and darker colors that project strength are applied in design.

The design is offering users the most convinient and space saving ways to store the cat house when not in use. Simply fold and hold the cat house in place with the strap that comes along in the package.

Easy assembly in few steps, you don’t even have to spend time on our instruction manual.

Addressing cat’s needs and owner’s concerns, we’ve developed the ideal cat house that answers to cat’s nature and owner’s expectations in product safety, convenience, and aesthetic requirement.