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Pact: World’s First Full-Feedback Smart Massager

Feel Better. Recover Faster. Pact measures your muscles to give you the most effective treatment.

Recover Faster.

Pact measures your muscles to give you the most effective and personalized massage treatment.



Inspired by professional trainers, the Pact system tailors your massage experience to your muscle profile and body conditions, giving you the most effective recovery treatment.

The Pact system operates with two devices: Pact Sense and Pact Pulse, both connected with your smartphone via the Pact App.


Pact System



How does it work?


The Pact system first measures your muscles’ condition before recommending an appropriate recovery treatment. Using six sensors, Pact Sense tracks the user’s muscle readiness. The data gathered allows the Pact mobile app to generate personalized warm-up and recovery routines, which informs Pact Pulse to deliver a precise and optimized massage.



Inside the Pact



Precise. Compact. Insightful.
Pact Sense is a state-of-the-art scanner with multiple sensors that measure your muscle properties to give them the right recovery treatment.



Powerful. Smart. Personalized.
Pact Pulse intelligently adapts its massage routines based on your scans to give you a personalized and effective recovery experience.










The measurements taken by Pact Sense are based on an engineering discipline known as “System Identification.” In the same way that you can feel knots in your muscles, Pact Sense “feels” your muscles by applying a special force pattern and measuring how they react. Mechanical properties of your muscles are then calculated from the data, which serve as the basis for your Muscle Readiness Index.



Muscle readiness is an objective indication of the state of your muscles. A higher Muscle Readiness Index indicates that your muscles are properly prepared to engage in athletic activities and adequately cooled down after your exercise. A low Muscle Readiness Index indicates that you are not ready to perform at your peak, and you may be more susceptible to injury or soreness.

The Pact system uses the data collected from the Pact Sense, as well as your demographic information to calculate your Muscle Readiness Index. Unlike a trainer or physical therapist, Pact provides objective data that can be used to track your progress over time.






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