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OXS Thunder: 7.1.2 Gaming Soundbar with Neck Speaker

7.1.2ch | Dolby Atmos® | Satellite Neck Speaker | Up-firing Channels | Compact Size For Desktop

Introducing OXS Thunder, an innovative 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos® gaming audio system – the gaming soundbar and the world’s first satellite neck speaker.

Combined with the satellite neck speaker, 10 audio channels create an audio space to put you right in the action. Locates your enemies and allies, like they were in the room with you. Sink yourself into a 3D audio space with Dolby Atmos® surround sound, and relax your neck on the soft yet powerful satellite neck speaker. 

Gear up, the next level of the gaming experience is here.

10 fine-tuned drivers follow closely to a Dolby-designed acoustics arrangement concept so you can pinpoint your enemies and spot the siege from up to 9 directions – before it’s too late. 

A leap beyond surround sound, OXS Thunder also supports Dolby Atmos®. It puts you in the middle of the action by precisely placing each sound around you in a three-dimensional space, with detailed and rich sound.

*Compatible with Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+.

Sink yourself into the battlefield in all directions. The 2 up-Firing speakers push the sound wave up, then bounce off from the ceiling. Feel the impactful overhead sound hit, as objects hover by. 

As part of the surround audio space, the wireless satellite neck speaker adds 2 more channels from behind your back to deliver true 3D surround sound. With 5.8G ultra-low latency performance, you can feel the zombies are getting closer to you. 

Jam-packed with innovation, OXS Thunder delivers unexpectedly big sound while the size is 40% smaller than others. It takes up almost no space under your monitor but fills the entire room with rich 360‑degree audio from every angle.

OXS Thunder is equipped with Toggle Control that let you quickly access the volume and EQ modes. Also, the remote control has all the settings you need. You can change the audio source, switch game mode or access a custom function saved on the settings button.

The Reactive Lighting System brings your game to life as the atmospheric lighting reacts to every shot you fire, and every trail breaking you make. With the powerful lighting zones, countless patterns, and dynamic in-game lighting effects – experience a deeper immersion.

OXS Thunder distributed 4 full-range drivers on the left and right sides to deliver a wide range of sound. For the highs, OXS houses 2 silk membrane tweeters for lesser distortion and clearer treble. 

The built-in woofer works together with 4 passive radiators to enhance low-end tones, with bass-boost enhancing algorithms. The vertical layout of the passive radiators has been optimized to reproduce clear bass sound.

Both sides are designed with 2 horn structures to expand the sound field in the limited audio space on your desk.

Dance on your jam or listen to your favorite podcast from the comfort of your sofa or gaming chair. OXS Thunder easily connects with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth 5.0 – without compromising the high-quality sound.

To build a bigger sound space on a limited desk, we created Unispace acoustic architecture with coaxial drivers. The tweeter is overlapped with a 2.5” full range driver to create a strong and extra low time-lapse up-firing channel – while saving space within the soundbar and on your desk.

For the reason why we don’t have a subwoofer, go to our blog

OXS Thunder offers a more powerful bass with modulated neodymium magnet drivers. It is only half the size of a usual ferrite magnet driver, but the sound power is 2 times greater than that.

3 uniquely tuned game modes provide a more dynamic and realistic experience to you. FPS mode is designed to earn you the advantages ahead of your opponents by enhancing audio cues such as footsteps while RAC mode for a more realistic sound effect when you can hear every trail breaking you make and the roaring engine. 

Comes with comprehensive connectivity connections, OXS Thunder is versatile and compatible with your game console, desktop and laptop, headset, and Hi-Fi audio devices. Choose your way to connect to OXS Thunder. ¹

With the HDMI 2.1 port, OXS Thunder supports 4K. Enjoy your game with immersive audio and smooth gaming picture quality! Connect with your gaming console with video output and Dolby Atmos®️ 3D audio effect² via HDMI IN and HDMI eARC, including PS5, PS4, Xbox series, Nintendo Switch console, and more.