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Ovomote:The Infinitely Customizable Universal Remote

A powerful and intuitive way to control all the digital devices in your life.



The emergence of universal remote control is a natural evolution of home appliance convenience but is also part of the evolutionary history of human life. Ovomote is an innovative wireless controller which turns traditional home appliances into smart home devices in seconds. It is an N-in-One universal remote control that combines all the functions of traditional remote controls into one. No matter how many remote controls you have, Ovomote replaces all of them for a more convenient life. All control and switching functions are simplified into a few touches on Ovomote. Throw away traditional remotes, and use Ovomote to enjoy total control of your home.


Seamlessly connecting multiple devices is now a reality. Ovomote works with not only entertainment audio and video equipment but also for smart home control, smart lighting, thermostats, smart home hubs and the most popular smart devices. 


Ovomote`s wide compatibility ensures that it can be utilized for all brands of entertainment and home control. All control and switching functions are simplified into a few clicks on the touchscreen. So relax, and let Ovomote takes control.

 Here are some of the supported devices:


  • Apple TV
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Roku
  • SONY
  • TiVO
  • Bose and more…



  • LIFX
  • Belkin Wemo
  • Osram and more…


Home Hubs:

  • Smartthings
  • Insteon
  • Wink and more…



  • ecobee
  • Nest and more…


Unlike other universal remotes that may control devices individually, Ovomote can be customized to control a series of actions such as turning off the lights or drawing the curtain, and watching TV or playing a game. You don’t need to choose which device you want to control. Ovomote makes it easy. Rather than multiple clicks on different remotes, it takes just ONE click on Ovomote to complete the actions effortlessly.


Ovomote has the ability to control home appliances at a distance using omnidirectional launch without any dead angle. This high quality infrared component with horizontal 360° full direction coverage will not be blocked by walls or distance and provides a control radius up to 10 meters (the actual control distance is affected by the infrared performance of the receiving device).


Ovomote utilizes the most efficient method of signal transmission including IR, Bluetooth, and WLAN connection for reliable stability and seamless control. Now, you are no longer limited to line-of-sight and can control your devices from anywhere in the home.


Featuring a powerful App and equipped with a wireless hub, you can control your devices freely from afar. Your mobile phone becomes a backup remote so total smart home control is always at your fingertips.


Smart Curtain Control UI

Smart TV Control UI


Smart Lights Control UI


Ovomote includes full support for Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can enjoy intelligent voice control for many smart home devices.


Up to 20w fast charging, and no more messy cables. Ovomote comes with a wireless charger and an extra USB-C output cable which keeps your table or desktop neat and orderly.

Ovomote comes with a built-in 2000mAh battery that lasts up to 10 days depending on the usage.


Featuring a stunning oversized touchscreen, you no longer need to decipher abstract symbols or remember complex button combinations. With Ovomote, all operations are intuitive and logical. Every station, website or device is clearly indicated as a simple icon. Your favorite channel, function, or action is just a click away.


Ovomote sets a new standard for style with an outer shell of white and wood grain with a sharp, minimalist, contemporary look that takes inspiration from technology aesthetics. Designed to provide a holistic control experience and long life, Ovomote is durable and stylish.