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Osotek HotWave Mop Vacuum: Hot Water, Self-Cleaning & Drying

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Introducing OSOTEK HotWave: a remarkable mop vacuum cleaner with a multifunctional charging station, which provides hot water mopping, dual self-cleaning, and hot air-drying solutions to help you realize a hassle-free cleaning experience.   

Let’s be honest – there are thousands of vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuums and other cleaning products out there, and most are disappointing. Life can get messy! And you need a multi-task helper that handles all these problems!


OSOTEK vacuums, with their super suction and hot water mopping technology, can help you increase the efficiency of cleaning and save you more time than any other vacuums on the market. After vacuuming, the multifunctional station will automatically clean and dry the roller brush, leaving you free to go about your day worry-free.

It is difficult to clean the stubborn stains using cold water. And even if you successfully scrub those stubborn stains, the job is not over yet! The cold water on the floor will take ages to dry, and will mix with dust and detergent. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and odor. And if you have pets or small children in your home, this bacteria can even pose a real health hazard.   

We provide a better solution than you having to inevitably kneel and attempt to hand clean. The OSOTEK HotWave uses high-temperature water to clean your floors – and itself. Hot water is much more efficient when removing stains than cold water, especially sticky solidified liquids. With the natural power of heat, the OSOTEK HotWave can save you time, money, and prevent unpleasant odors after cleaning.

Another benefit of hot water washing is that you will use less water overall, preventing water pooling on surfaces. This will then reduce the chance of harmful bacteria growing on your home surfaces and ensure the safety of your children and pets.  

A wet mop breeds bacteria, often reeks, and ultimately dirties your home. Of course, drying a mop can be a hassle and can prove near impossible in damp or cold weather – but not the OSOTEK HotWave. After the brush is washed with hot water during use and again in the base station, the station switches to drying mode automatically. 

Using “warm force” technology, the brush is dried in a 58°C hot wind, so as to further remove residual moisture and prevent bacteria. You can move on with your day, while OSOTEK HotWave prepares itself for the next cleaning.

Unlike other products on the market, we have given the OSOTEK HotWave a truly useful smart base station to provide you with everything you need to save your time.

The smart base station is equipped with innovative Superthermal high-temperature cleaning technology. With just one press of a button, the station can heat and fill the OSOTEK’s onboard water tank with 92°C water.” No need to heat water and carry it yourself; let OSOTEK do it for you.


Don’t waste your precious time repeatedly mopping and vacuuming. The OSOTEK HotWave mops and vacuums at the same time, cutting your cleaning time in half. Don’t let your dirty house dominate your attention; let your time be your time. 

We gave it a roller brush with a rotating speed of 1000 RPM, which can effortlessly clean stubborn stains on the ground. At the same time, the OSOTEK HotWave features tremendous suction power, up to 7500Pa, so you’re guaranteed to leave no residual dirt from even the worst messes.

Every cleaning tool faces the same issue: it eventually becomes dirty during cleaning. If not cleaned regularly, a dirty vacuum can make just as much of a mess as it clears. However, every minute you spend cleaning your tools is one less minute you have to clean your floors.   

We built the OSOTEK HotWave with two separate systems: a self-cleaning brush that uses a running water system and a used-water recycling system to improve cleaning quality. 



Every second of mopping, your OSOTEK HotWave will clean itself 15 times, providing a truly deep clean to every inch of your floors. OSOTEK HotWave will keep your brush clean, drain the used water, and most importantly, save you time.


Although the OSOTEK HotWave is constantly cleaning the brush during use, the base station plays an important role in cleaning as well. 

At the press of a button, the station uses hot water and a sterilizing heat bath to thoroughly sanitize the OSOTEK HotWave in its entirety after the vacuum is placed back in the base station.

There’s no need to remove components or wash and dry the dirty roller by yourself. Just let the base station take care of cleaning for you.

Our homes are full of different surfaces and different messes, each with different cleaning needs. But who wants to spend their time worrying about changing out their cleaning tools every few minutes? To save your precious time, we pushed OSOTEK HotWave’s limits to provide nine combined cleaning modes. 

You can adapt to any mess on any surface by adjusting the suction and water levels with just one press of a button. The OSOTEK isn’t just built tough but also versatile. It is smart enough to handle various challenging messes.

The OSOTEK HotWave’s built-in infrared sensor can detect the thickness of messes and stains in front of it and adjust the suction level in real-time, improving not only the cleaning efficiency but also prolonging the runtime. 

We know how frustrating it can be when your cleaning device runs out of juice before the work is done. But the OSOTEK HotWave’s built-in large capacity battery allows for 35 minutes of uninterrupted runtime, and a 3L large tank in the base station is enough for 3-4 run times. 

This can completely satisfy your weekly cleaning requirements in a 2152ft² living space. You can say goodbye to the constant need to refill water. Whenever you need it, OSOTEK HotWave is always ready to clean. 

The OSOTEK HotWave features intelligent voice prompts and a large HD LED display. This allows you to track cleaning status and maintenance requirements with just a glance. Even a first-time user can master the OSOTEK HotWave, simply by following the spoken instructions.

The built-in LED display can also provide information on the current cleaning mode, battery lifetime, warnings, and more even while you clean.

We built OSOTEK HotWave as the friendliest floor cleaning product you have ever met, making every action easy and user-friendly.

Cordless, lightweight, and featuring a motor in the brush to provide gentle motion assistance, we made it easy for you to carry the OSOTEK HotWave from room to room or floor to floor.