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ORCA XVI- 16in1 EDC Multi-tool

The ideal way to carry a toolkit – fidget in your pocket.

It’s been a year since we started working on the concept of smart products, when we were thinking about establishing it, we didn’t have any specific category in mind,

So, everything that would make our lives easier, whether inside or outside our houses, was included under the umbrella of “smart products. “


What our backers are saying about our previous project:


 We’re back Introducing: The Orca XVI


It’s difficult to find something that combines a nice design, versatility, and the ideal portable size, so we thought of a design to be the perfect mate to accompany you anywhere and to be easily used.


The Orca XVI is a simple, and extremely versatile tool and fidget, its compact size and simple design make it the perfect companion for any situation. For day-to-day tasks and more – It will help you accomplish life’s common tasks, from bottle opening, and adjusting screws to stress relief and fidgeting.


The “Orca XVI” has you covered! With more than 16 functions, you’ll be more prepared for life’s little surprises,


 Technical Info


Product Highlights


16 in 1 “XVI”

Bottle opener

 Perfect for opening any cold beverage wherever and whenever you want.


Flathead Screwdriver

Box opener

A package opener is considerably more comfortable, and quick to use than opening a package with your hands, and it is far safer than a knife or a sharp tool.


Tip holder

It fits any 14-inch screwdriver bit and fits perfectly to ensure that you get the job done while it’s still sturdy and compact



 Mini Adjustable Wrench that’ll be a practical addition to your tool collection to tighten/loosens all nuts-and-bolts sizes in tight spaces due to its right size that fits anywhere.



Hex wrenches

 A compact portable tool for twisting hex socketed bolts and screws.


Using our safe saw, you may sharpen branches and cut ropes without hurting your hands.


Tags Breaker

 Cut clothes and new items very easily with a specially designed breaker for them.

Glass Breaker

 The sturdiness and durability of steel is the main reason why it’s the easiest glass-breaking tool.

Key hanger

Hang your tool kit wherever you go in your bag, belt, or car so you’re prepared for just about anything.

Pry bar

We designed a bent pry bar to make it ergonomic, quick, easy, and safe to open any jar or paint.




Nail remover


This nail remover can quickly and easily remove the tent nails making it a suitable tool for camping.


Cable cutter

 A durable wire cutter is essential for getting the appropriate cut without ruining the wire

All-time favorite fidget


Our passion for fidgeting drove us to include it into our multifunction tool to be also a fidget and a desk toy to help relieve stress and for all those who like to fidget out there, it is essentially an all-in-one tool.


Available with two different fidgeting toys to choose your favorite mate.


Spinning desk toy Orca XVI


Energetic Orca XVI