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OMNI 120W & 240W All-in-one Solar Charging Station

A charging station that charges power stations, vehicle batteries and personal devices – directly.

Don’t risk running out of power and don’t sacrifice comfort. We created the Omni All-in-One Solar Charging Station – to power all of your outdoor moments in a truly reliable way. Not only can you charge power stations and various types of batteries but the Omni can also direct charge many personal devices without requiring extra parts, hardware or accessories. Featuring 8 output ports with a multi-function control board, that lets you leverage the charging power of one single device – instead of having to buy and carry charging tools that run out of power.

No need to figure out what parts and accessories you need to charge different devices. The Omni All-in-One Charging Station features an integrated voltage stabilizer and a controller module, that allows you to directly plug your charging cord to charge your power station, car & boat batteries, phone, tablet, laptop, camera and more. It’s simple and easy. 

Omni is the world’s first solar panel capable of charging any power station, battery, or electronic device that can be charged. Uniquely designed to provide a max output of 120W or 240W. Portable & foldable, high-quality panels and high-efficiency cells, there’s nothing else like it on the market.

We know you don’t like the typical scenario: having to buy, carry and connect a separate charging controller and its required cable for your solar panel charger to work properly. We didn’t like it either and knew we had to create something much better. That’s why we designed Omni with a 20A directly integrated charging controller, which can directly charge RVs, boat batteries and other batteries.

With Omni, you also don’t have to invest hundreds of dollars on a separate panel to be able to charge all of your devices. Our team of solar power engineers designed an integrated voltage stabilizer to make the panel compatible for charging to all electronic devices, laptops, phones, cameras, etc. 

With the Omni All-in-One Charging Station, you don’t need to fear compatibility issues. It is designed with 8 output ports making it easy for you to power power stations and devices via QC3.0, Type-C and USB-A. You can quickly and easily charge most power stations and batteries on the market, and even electronic devices such as laptops, phones, outdoor lights, etc. This super-powerful charger can be used to charge different types of devices simultaneously – without complex pairing or extra parts. 

Is the day getting gray and cloudy? No worries! Omni has a shadow-proof solar panel design that keeps converting and generating electricity efficiently even when trees or clouds stand in the way! 

Optimism is never a good strategy, especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere and need a reliable charging sidekick. Because emergencies can happen, we built the Omni All-in-One Solar Charging Station with an 800mAh built-in battery for emergency charging requirements. After all, you need your devices to be reliable, and power up your devices anywhere, anytime. 

While conventional solar charging stations only convert 16-18% of the sun’s energy, the Omni All-in-One Solar Charging Station uses premium SUNPOWER cells which allows it to reach a 23% conversion rate! It’s the more efficient and more powerful solar-powered charger. Is the day getting gray and cloudy? No worries! Omni has a shadow-proof solar panel design that keeps converting and generating electricity efficiently even when trees or clouds stand in the way! 

We designed the Omni to be 100% portable. Take it anywhere, camping, RVing, fishing or sailing. Omni’s extremely compact and foldable design will seamlessly travel with you. With Omni 120W/240W All-In-One Solar Charging Station, there’s nothing heavy or cumbersome to carry. Just a lightweight and extremely compact device that’s ready to power your outdoor moments anywhere, anytime!