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OLTO-8 IRON Automatic: Created For the Wild at Heart

Off-road Inspired Mechanical Watch with Bold Square-shaped Style & Openworked Design.

Today’s modern life, filled with technology and all its conveniences, often leaves us feeling disconnected from the natural world and feeling the desire for deeper, more meaningful connections. It’s the reason that we find ourselves longing for nature and its healthy effects. Everything in life must exist in a balance and that’s just what OLTO-8 advocates, a balanced life divided into three 8-hour portions. Eight for sleep, eight for work, and eight for relaxation. Now we present IRON, a bold reminder to answer the call of the wild.

IRON is an expertly crafted watch that retains a wildness in spite of its luxury style. Built within a strong, angular square-shaped outer frame, this off-road-inspired mechanical watch stands out with bold style. Its open-worked see-through design is instantly eye-catching, putting the watch’s fascinating internal mechanisms on display.

Inheriting the iron heart of the most revered off-road vehicle, IRON is wrapped in a tough angular square-shaped outer frame. The powerful engine drives with a multi-layer skeletonized dial.

Among them, the skeleton layer is a cross, giving the dial a form like a wheel and dividing the movement and the exterior into distinct parts.

IRON EX, a second variation looks sensational as well. The skeletonized cross-like layer is replaced with a styled shield of horizontal lines. This layered louvered shape makes the dial of IRON EX reminiscent of the front grill of a luxury automobile revving down the road. 

On the surface of its toughened case, four luminous rings are set into the four corners, which symbolize the shining headlights of a vehicle driving through the night. With stylish luxury, IRON urges you along the road to your adventures! 

IRON features an exclusive multi-layered case made from tough 316L stainless steel. The skeletonized see-through body shows off the exquisitely-made movement inside. A tough sapphire crystal covers the MIYOTA 82S7 movement rotating underneath, protected by a hardened steel casing, giving this sophisticated system the durability needed for rugged outdoor activities.

IRON is a unique, highly readable, and durable perpetual timepiece. Its numerals and hands are all illuminated with the latest Swiss Super-Luminova tech that glows in low-light conditions. Meanwhile, the unique 24-hour dial which is isolated from the hands, shows clearly, day or night and a dedicated second dial makes reading the time fast and accurate. 

All components are well suited to extreme outdoor activities yet remain aesthetically pleasing.

OLTO-8 has an experienced in-house R&D team dedicated to optimizing the movement for IRON. It begins with a Japanese Miyota 82S7 Movement that is customized for IRON X & IRON EX, to work perfectly with its independent dials.

IRON is a watch of lasting quality. The 21 Ruby Jewels helps reduce friction and protects your timepiece from wear and tear. Keep track of time with this stylish and elegant men’s watch for a lifetime.

The IRON is a tough watch that has been designed for adventure. It’s wrapped in 316L steel and fitted with scratch-resistant sapphire glass, so you can wear it without worry on all of your adventures.

Luminous performance shot in studio conditions

As with previous Olto-8 watches, we have retained the watch’s luminosity, adding modern convenience to a watch with a classic soul. IRON Series uses the latest Swiss Super-LumiNova coating on both Index and Hand surfaces that enable you to read the time even in a very dark environment.

IRON Series watches encourages a bold heart to explore! It features a 5 ATM waterproof rating, which can withstand a pressure of 5 bar or a depth of 50 meters underwater.

IRON watch features an Italian Hand-woven Leather Strap that is carefully selected to give you the best in style and durability. The quick-release strap system allows you to quickly swap in a new strap that’s just as unique as you are, without the need for tools.