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Oleap Pilot: Open-ear Headphones with Best Call & Sound

Spacial 50dB ENC | BassLeap Audio | No Vibration & Headache | 10+ Hours Talk Time | Dual Device Connection|16mm Dynamic Drivers

The next generation open-ear headphones are here – Oleap Pilot brings unprecedented call experience, bass-boosted audio and all-day comfort. Mark the amazing 50dB environmental noise cancellation out of the world’s leading 3-mic spacial ENC. With 2 powerful 16mm dynamic drivers and BassLeap algorithm, it delivers premium audio to open-ear devices. Keep you supported with 10 hours of talk time and vibration-free comfort for a whole day.

Get your new superpower for hybrid work and life. And witness the great leap of performance that beats bone conduction in all aspects. 

Ultimate Clear Call with 50dB ENC   

The patent VoiceOn™ ENC algorithm eliminates environmental noises up to 50dB, and that means your team hears your voice without background noise. Safeguard your clear calls for more efficient communications with the AI-powered deep learning technology. No worries and shouting…In a noisy office or at home with annoying sounds – Just say it. 

 ENC Level Comparison 

Redefine ENC Headphones 

Distinct from the commonly used 2-mic beamforming algorithm, Oleap develops the 3-mic spatial ENC solution – 2 microphones on the sides analyze the background sound to cancel the unwanted noise, meanwhile, the pickup microphone accurately collects your voice and reproduces it clearly with natural vocal details. The 3 mics work together to compose a NoiseShield Sphere to defend your high-quality calls and privacy in the surround sound. 

Pop Filter Windshield

No more fear of wind noise – with the added pop filter, there will be a significant improvement in reducing wind noise.

Stop Suffering From Earache

Oleap Pilot is perfect for all-day wearing. It does not go into your ears – the open-ear design helps to get rid of the occlusion effect that inevitably occurs in earbuds, and keeps you aware of the surrounding sound. With 33g lightweight – it feels as light as your sunglasses.  

More Comfortable Than Bone Conduction

Compared with bone conduction headphones, Oleap Pilot has definite advantages regarding long-term wear comfort. It does not clamp on cheekbones to deliver sound, thus bringing no vibrations and headaches even when listening to strong bass music or at maximum volume.  

Bigger Drivers, Bigger Power

The compact design holds a 16mm dynamic driver on each side to bring greater sound power – up to 105dB, which ensures you hear the sound easily in noisy places.   

Hear The Bass And More

Open-ear design VS high-definition audio, these are not necessarily opposite to each other. BassLeap tech reinforces bass tone dynamically according to the sound power, bringing better bass performance than bone conduction headphones. 

10+ Hours Talk Time

On a single charge, Oleap Pilot will get you covered for a whole day – with over 10 hours of talk time or 16 hours of playback time. 

10 Minutes Quick Charge

Super quick – Charge for 10 minutes and get up to 5 hours of talk time.

Volume Auto-adapts to Noise

During a call, the volume you hear will be tuned louder by an additional 9dB when the noise comes up – All in an automatic way based on the condition of background noise.

 Play It Loud – Nobody Hears 

For privacy considerations, the sound leakage is kept to a minimal level when the volume is maximum, benefiting from the dipole structure with 3 tuning holes deducting the audio output of the 1 sounding hole inside the space. Feel free and safe to immerse yourself in the audio. 

Lowest sound leakage  (100% sound level)

Nano Dongle, So Reliable

Insert the Bluetooth dongle into the USB port of your laptop, and Oleap Pilot will work with leading communication platforms compatibly.

Dual Device Connection

Simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices. Switch your calls or music seamlessly between them. 

 Easy To Mute And Control 

 Premium Aesthetic 

A foldable and space-efficient carry case is designed for commuting or traveling, with premium eco-friendly materials.  

Oleap Pilot features 2 convenient quick-charge options: 

charge with the included type-c cable, or with the optional charging stand.